Colds are no fun...

Thankfully, there are things like Dayquil. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without this...actually, I use the generic stuff, not that it saves a whole lot (about .50). For some reason, I thought it was 12 hour relief but it was only 4 and I started to feel miserable this evening, just when Jon got home. I was hungry, sick, in pain and just watching "Clean House". Usually when I watch this show it inspires me to clean and get the house organized. Not today...The gals were jumping all over me and I just would let them (unless it was stepping on my face). I took more medicine and about 45 minutes later, I was much better.

I must say it's a very strange feeling living in such a small town. To get our computer fixed, we went to another town and there is a place called Leighty's. They have all sorts of used computers in one corner and all sorts of things fixed up. I love this place as they fixed our computer!! Anyway, to get to this town you have to drive for about 30 minutes. We stopped to get gas/dropped by K-mart (needed new shoes for the gals and I got them on clearance too!), and then drove to Newry. On the way, there was a blizzard and all you could see is darkness, a few old fashioned (1960-1990's style) lighted shop signs, various factories and a small farms or two. Just has such a quaint feeling. For some reason, I really like shops that are small and intimate. There were quite a few interesting places with windows painted with goods they had. I like that and will have to investigate this once the weather is warmer.

We got the computer and it has all the info/pics I have on there...hopefully, we'll be able to download and save all of it soon. I'm so grateful and the guys even took off several virus' that were on there and annoying pop up ads. So, this is a good thing.

Speaking of things breaking and sometimes good things happening from it, I had an incident with my beat-up wardrobe. I got this wardrobe about 5 years ago from K-mart on sale and it's served it's purpose. But, let me tell you it was a pain to set up with a trillion parts and you could not move it once it was put together as it's extremely heavy. They even said on the instructions to not move it once it's together (we did) as it will loosen parts (and it did). Well, after removing the doors a few months ago, the bottom drawer and finally the last drawer, I managed to destroy the upper shelf by pushing on it when I got off the floor (I was sorting a bunch of junk that has shifted since we got the mattress). In doing this, I catapulted a plastic 3 drawer storage unit(which was on this shelf) across the room and flung the contents everywhere. It was horrible. I couldn't even clean it up as I had to rush to get eldest daughter from school...

Anyway, I did eventually clean it up and much to my surprise was able to utilize the wardrobe better by putting more storage units in it without the shelf. So, all in all a good thing in the end (even if I broke an pretty antique plate in the process. Argh).

Today, I ended up doing a bunch of some free things from freecycle (frames and this mystery box (it had rollers and some Easter goodies in it), dropped off a painting for Art in Common's group show at the library for March, got my allergy shot, played at the library with Norrie and then got Lydia. I was so tired after all of this, I fell asleep for an hour while the kids played and snacked. I think having a cold and the weather being so bitterly chilled, takes a lot of energy away from me.

Honestly, I'd rather have a full day like this one, then be bored or regret missing doing those chores in life for whatever reason. As Goethe once wrote, "Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must."


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