Children's Musuem; A Quaint Corner

Jon got some time to put a basic web page up for the local Children's Museum: A Quaint Corner Children's Museum. It just tells the hours and place...more to come. It needs a nice banner and a photo album to show the various events, etc. Jon has lots of plans and I think it will look quite professional and spiffy. :)

Still no word on how the main computer is doing. I hope to goodness most of it's all right and it won't cost a fortune. There are so many bits of info I need from there and now, I have to wait and who knows if the info will even be saved! ARGH!!!

Trying not to stress out but it's really annoying to have to worry and wait. It's not that bad in terms of real life events, just an inconvenience.

I've been thinking a lot about the various people who have recently lost their homes due to foreclosure. This basically happened to my family in the 1980's and when we lost everything, it felt horrible and strangely, bonding. I felt like we were the only ones this had ever happened to and for years felt like this made me some how bad or think if I had only done A, B and C this wouldn't have happened. Now, I realize there are forces beyond our control and things happen to every one. I also realize how important it is to know we can survive these things...much like the story of Job in the bible. Thankfully, most of us aren't suffering that much-Job lost his whole family and more.

I think the one thing I learned from hardships (to put it in one word) is to keep going. Keep going even if you stumble and can barely lift your foot to walk. I just remembered when I was in 7th grade and we had to run on the track. I was the last person and barely was jogging. My coach/teacher said, "Keep going. If that's all you can do, keep going, Emily". I guess I must have looked a little sad seeing all my classmates running ahead of me or something. I wish I could remember that teacher's name. I did make the mile; I was the last one and most importantly, I didn't give up. Another time, I remember my piano teacher remarking how, she had one student who if he made a mistake would start all over, again and again. This wasn't great for concerts (let alone practicing) and she was glad I didn't do this. I'd make a mistake but keep on going through the piano recital and not stop or run off in embarrassment.

Anyway, I hope a lot of people out there know, they aren't the only ones in situations beyond their control. We're in this little boat called Earth and we need to work together. Working together can be as simple as being kind (you know smiling every now and then or saying thank you) or remembering to do one good deed for the day. Or even 10 good deeds. I believe this is how many of us can change the world, our worlds for the better.

Looks like it's going to rain again...the sky has that lighter feeling just before the rains come. I rather like the rain even if I feel achy. Just seems to cleansing after a good storm. :)


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