A better day...

It rained and rained and then it got a bit humid...but at least it's not 24 degrees with a 10 degree wind! I could actually wear a light jacket and at around 3pm, I just wore my sweatshirt! Wow! It's supposed to be 55 tomorrow to and then back to 20's and snow. Oh, well...at least all this rain wasn't snow! It did make MASSIVE ice puddles and it was amazing to see the rivers flowing down the streets.

Got the washer repaired. Of all the things, a sock was stuck in the pipe...and not a wee one either. One of Jon's...though he's hardly to blame as I'm the one who overloads machines. Now, I guess I know what happened to many, many wee soaks previous. Down the drain.

Well, my stress level went down as well as Jon got 3 loads done at his parents (they're only a few blocks away) and this helped the massive loads that were piling up. Now, we can return to normal cleaning...

Also, I actually went early to the Children's museum and did some painting. I started to paint a cupboard in there. It is SO beat up, poor thing. Plaster falling around, crumbly and dirty. It's really awful. But I cleaned it as best I could and painted. Then, I worked on the mural for about 2 hours and got a lot done. I was pleased to see that my painting wasn't as bad as I thought...I was so tired yesterday I started to feel really negative about my work. Insecurity stinks.

Today was a different feeling and I felt 100 times better. A little sleep and some pain pills for sore muscles is such a nice thing.

I have one funny sort of thing happening tonight. I'm getting my marriage Church validated. I guess this is part of the process for being Catholic (for my husband, as he's the official Catholic person right now...besides the kids). So, it will be interesting to see what happens.

All I can say is, I'm SO happy the washer is fixed. It is the biggest inconvenience to have to have massive loads of laundry. I really don't like that. It's funny how if something is not working, it makes everything seem so lopsided.

Also, while at the kids museum I remembered to bring food for the kids and this helped a lot. I hope I start getting some kids for art classes but if I have to wait till next month, that's all right. I really need to paint that art room and get it safe/clean/organized.

Well, I need to get a shower. I thought I'd have time to do some of my own artwork there but it didn't happen. I should have some time tonight. I'm excited as I'm making a pumpkin man doll. I've been working on it for about 1.5 months (lack of supplies, etc) and now that I've got all the pieces together, I can start sculpting. I think it's going to look quite nice.

There is a challenge for EHAG and it deals with a Green Witch, as in "environmental", herbal, or literally green for St. Patties day. I love this idea and can't wait to start on her. I'm thinking of going very primitive and if she comes out well, selling her on eBay as well as submitting her to several companies.

Because I did so much yesterday, I ordered my self two books on vintage Halloween art. I can hardly wait to see these. I would like to get some books on vintage Christmas and Easter as well. Not to forget Valentines day as well.

Oh, and yesterday the gals were both at home...mild colds and just not feeling 100%. I was amazed, however, that Lydia wrote out all her Valentines and did a great job! She's really improving in this sense. Norrie was jealous and I had her make one for Lydia (and vice versa). It worked out well.

I have pics to load and share...going to have to wait till later as I need a shower. The days seem so long, lately. It's a good thing and I don't feel like I'm wasting time or being too idle. :)


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