Based on a vintage photograph of children dressed for Halloween

I like this painting...came out rather well considering the model was a black and white photograph from the 1900's or so.

I'm so tired right now; finished hanging the show for the local hospital, Blair Medical Associates. I didn't get to hang two larger pieces as they were just too big and there weren't enough hangers for them. Oh, well...they'll get shown soon enough. Maybe I'll bring them to the library group show...though, they are really big. Hmmm We shall see.

So many good things happening art-wise. I love that I have places to share my work and make new contacts.

I pop a few images here of the abstracts...

 TItled: Calm in Chaos

"Calm in Chaos"


Designs by CK said…
Love the vintage inspired Halloween treaters piece!

Chris :-D)
Emily said…
Thank you, again! I'll try to have this listed on Friday. I need to rest after hanging up my show.

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