That's how I've felt for the last week or fell apart apparently. Looks like the motherboard blew some chips (who knows why, but I have a feeling it was from when we got a floppy disk thing installed (the first one smoked and had to be replaced (about 8 months ago) and I think it did some other damage). Anyway, I've been doing a lot of home stuff...mostly tending my sick eldest. She's got some awful coughing and so forth going on. Really upsetting and makes me extra vigilant with the cold weather. My grandmother was weakened as a girl from pneumonia so, I just am very cautious about this. I just checked and Jon had the thermostat at 55 degrees! That's crazy for a child to be in a refrigerator esp. when sick. I turned it up to 67. Sometimes, he can be a bit too thrifty.

Anyway, I'm borrowing my dad-in-laws computer, thankfully. I must say not having a computer for a week isn't too bad the first few days but after a week, it's crazy. I also had to listen to local radio stations (which isn't too bad, actually) but it does make you feel more paranoid about the weather. My goodness it felt like I was going to be snowed in till June or something! So, that was frustrating to say the least. I think this is another reason I love the're not bombarded by crap and loud "watch outs!" from the news. It's worse than commercials, sometimes.

I was a bit frustrated as I was unable to help out on a volunteer day for the kids museum. I was supposed to open up for a play date but couldn't (my sick kid) so, I need to have a few back-ups for being a backup. Lesson learned.

I also was a bit miffed at my daughters school as apparently one of the staff was having a bad day and was angry I was late for the second or so time that week. I know everyone has bad days, but blowing up at a mom and not even asking if I was safe (there was a two hour snow delay, icy roads) or if my kids were all right (this was just before I found out Lydia has this horrible cough)....just rubs me the wrong way. Jon called and talked to the principal and he seemed to understand. So, that was better. Honey is much better than vinegar, after all. :)

Some great news, however, looks like I'm going to be showing some work at this local hospital in their hall area!!! I'm thrilled as it's great exposure and just makes me happy to know I'll brighten up a place were people feel sad or just depressed going to. :) Also, in May I'll be showing some work at the local library. Lots of things locally...I'm nearly down with the murals at the Children's museum and this makes me very proud and happy to do.

It's funny, I was so nervous about bringing work in to show at the hospital but it turned out to be a great moment...the people are very friendly and nice. Plus, having Jon there was always wonderful...actually, we all turned up (no school today).

We went to Lowes afterward to get some supplies...I hope I can do a good job with frames, etc. We shall see. I worked in the garage and my God, it's cold in there. I can hardly hold the drill and the wood cracks easier being so cold. I had to vent about the weather...just can hardly wait for Spring, really. This has got to be one of the longest winters in a while.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Because Lydia was ill she didn't go to school but I brought her Valentines over anyway and she got a treat bag. Jon's parents came over and looked after the gals (I ended up doing some errands since I was off from volunteering at the museum) and Lydia got a get better present. Of course, Norrie was jealous. I ended up having to make an emergency trip to Thompson’s and get the promised flamingo toy she has wanted for quite some time. She loves flamingos! lol! :) I even made her a small wooden one about a year ago. We've got an interesting neighbor that took a shovel and made it into a flamingo as well...we call the flamingo, Sam.

Well, that's about the whole enchilada of late. Oh, and I've been doing some art things as well. Did two new abstracts and am working on several other pieces for various projects. Gosh, it feels good to write about all of this. It still is a bit annoying as I can't get into my mail box...and I can't print or scan anything till ours is back from the shop in about 7 days.

Oh, and I just realized I missed a mammogram appointment...good grief. Just called them and they said it was all right...


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