Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Walking in cold wind...

I don't recommend this. I'm freezing right now and cold even though I've been home for 10 minutes. My youngest and I went to the Logan town center and good God, it was cold and windy. I felt bad dragging Norrie around but thought it would be a short trip between shops. We dropped by Dick's Sporting goods...didn't have what we were looking for, actually, they weren't very much help, either. I was looking for yaktreks for kids. Seems everyone was "too busy" stocking shelves or out on lunch. We trotted...okay, walked at an angle trying to be kept from blowing away to Michaels. Got what I needed and left. Before that we went to Home Depot to get some measuring supplies for tonight or tomorrow (working on some painting at the Children's Museum).

I felt frozen. Actually, I still feel frozen. There were garbage cans flying around the streets, boxes, trash, etc,etc. Then, last night I was totally achy and sore with the change in temp and winds. I felt like I was just one big arthritic person. Jon recommended fish oil capsules, so, I'll try that. Supposed to help joints.
Here's what I submitted for the mail art gallery:
mail art

and on the back:



mail art
Nelson came along for the last half and is now pooped. Well, he also ran around the yard in the typical Bichon crazy eights. Very cute. :)

Why does it seem like nearly everyone else can stand the cold better than me? Maybe everyone just doesn't complain as much as me. Of course, I'm the one walking around in 10 degrees and so forth. I was thinking of going to the Museum after I got my gal from school but now I just want to take a nap. I wish I had made some soup this morning. Ah, well...

I've also been working at my paperclay art pieces. So, all in all not to bad a way to get better from a cold and stay warm inside. :)

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