Today is Winnie the pooh day

We went to the library for games and such in celebration of this bear. It was a nice time esp. on a school day off. I was late, unfortunately; one of the kids had an accident. Either way, we made it there and had a good time. The turn out was rather low...only about 7 kids with us. I'm still used to Alhambra's library and over 50 kids coming to events like this. Sort of shock at times at how few kids there are or else how few parents have the time to do things like this. I think this is the main problem...too much working because of many things but usually low wages. It does make a difference if both parents have to work full time or even 2 jobs each and pay someone else to watch their kids. Crazy times...No wonder people are stressed.

Anyway, I was lucky to have time and take the gals there. Afterwards, I felt a bit tired but once we got home, better. I guess the "rush" hour traffic was getting to me. This is sort of funny too as rush hour here is would be considered very light compared to bigger cities. I think it was the cold air that was getting to me. I went for a walk yesterday with Norrie and Mr. Nelson. I think the snow/wind was blowing too much and tired me out more than normal. Plus, I got really bad sinus pressure (I think I was aggravated by the snow). So, this made me feel a bit sick last night (had a temperture). I sound like a big baby, I guess. :)

I guess I feel a bit down because I haven't had any art time and tomorrow I volunteer at the Children's museum (for 7 hours and there's a kid's party for 3 of those hours). I hope it goes smoothly and I'm glad Jon's going to be there to help. I'll bring the camera and do some photography as well. Oh, and I just remembered we had a snowball fight last night. Now, I know why my muscles are tired! Good grief.

I really don't like Jon's carpool thing. I know it saves money but it makes it so he has to leave almost an hour earlier and come home an hour later. This is really exhausting as I have do more work, etc.

As you can tell, I've been spending time with the kids...Norrie and I made bugs with play doh and I made her a "cactus" hat as I call it. It looks cute and funny. I felt like doing something different instead of making green pom poms.


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