Starting to feel better.

Of course, today is my "weekend". I wish I had a normal schedule of work, but as it is I'm REALLY happy to have work too. So, now that I can sort of relax (after cleaning the house (somewhat), doing dishes (most of them), picking up the kids, going to the market and trying to get things organized, I can settle into an art routine.

I'm happy to say, I sold my Winter Witch ACEO. I liked that one a lot and am glad it has a good home. I don't know when I'm going to be doing more ACEO's. I guess when the mood hits me as I'm feeling a bit tired of it all at the moment. I guess that happens after awhile and doing them for about 3 years will eventually have it's toll, I suppose. I do love, they are not off my to do list. And I think I've pinpointed why I've been feeling so overwhelmed. It's not just working out of the house but I have quite few goals I want to accomplish this year. I'm going to write a master list and fine tune it so these goals can be accomplished before the year is out. Not that I have only a year to accomplish them but some are timely (seasonal) and I really want them to be done. Two are going to be books and are for Halloween. If I get one finished at the half way mark by, say, June, I can start on a few of the other books I want to create/write. I must say it's a good feeling to have goals/ideas but if one isn't careful, it can become a tangled mess.

So, I think ACEO's have to take a back burner to my other projects. This is a relief on one hand as I really pushed myself last year...I was churning out about 10 ACEO's a week (if not way more). I'm going to put this energy into my book (S) and see what happens.

I just feel like things are starting to progress the way I want them to by understanding myself and what I want to accomplish. So, I'm off to write the master list and get organized.

Also, I've been working in the studio and getting things cleared/organized. I made a big trip to the Salvation army and will probably need to do another one (when the kids aren't looking...giant pink rabbit needs to say good-bye, I think). I'd like to see more shelves and I want to bring in my giant easel (though it needs some attention) from the garage.

Last Saturday, I made my self feel better by experimenting with some clay I got from freecycle. It's funny because the previous owner said the clay might be all hardened out but when I checked it was fine (if a little too moist!). So, I got this recipe off a clay website and boiled some toilet paper, roll and all. I mixed that together by attaching a dough mixer attachment to Jon's drill and it worked like magic. I could not believe how fluid and easy it was to do this. So, now I have paper clay in a rougher form than the name brand. The stuff I made is meant to be baked in either a pit or BBQ. I may hold off on this till it's warmer (supposed to have snow and low 30's for the next week or two). But if curiosity gets the best of me, I might be out there making a lot of smoke/steam! lol! People must think I'm strange around here but I really enjoy this and so what if I make a mess. It's in my yard, after all.

The next thing to do is wedge the clay and I found a book that shows how to wedge on a plaster made board...So, this might be the next project before actually building something out of the clay. I feel so good about all this as I was starting to get a little down about not having time with the family and Jon. Jon and I usually make things together, so I'm looking forward to this project. Also, Jon's ready to build shelves in the garage for me and let me have the whole thing for an outdoor studio (for big messes, etc. I'm fine with that! :)

Lots of plans, like I said and now that I'm going to create a time line/Master plan, I'll feel a lot better about getting things accomplished.

Also, I was dreading going to my parents in law last night as my sis-in-law has been really catty lately. So, when she churned out a few acid laced compliments, I turned it around and said the same thing to her. I've never done that before and it felt sort of good. It seemed to surprise her and I hope she realizes I don't like that stuff and wish she'd just relax. I know some people think it's clever and witty, but I don't put too much stock in such things and really, it can back fire in one's face.

Now, I'm off to grab some art time...I hope. The gals are happily watching Curious George. A show after my own heart! :)


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