Limits and new projects

"Chase away the darkness"

I'm learning to have limits and how to say no, that's enough of this thank you. I'm going to make a semi-big change in regards to outside work. More on this later...

I'm excited about some recent changes that are going to be happening. Now that I have some approval to start a few art classes, I'm willing to go the 9 yards. I'm excited and have ideas for flyers, etc. This should be an interesting new chapter. :)

Also, because things are going in such a different direction and giving me a feeling of fresh air, I may start a few (not the 20 or so paintings of old) new ACEO's. I feel like I know exactly why I felt overwhelmed and can move on. This and I got the script printed out (finally) for my graphic novel...50 pages...more than I thought I had written. Now, on to illustrating and fine tuning a few historical facts. It's quite a wonderful feeling to have 50 pages in your hands that you've created, I must say.

Well, this weekend isn't too tight with work. I take it one day at a time and this seems to help me get past the rough spots. This and naps.

Speaking of sleep, I don't know if it's the cold, cold air or what but I've been so tired lately. Sleeping more than usual and if I miss a nap, boy can I tell. Well, on to new projects and listening to one's body. I also started to use the recumbent bike...I feel quite a bit better after doing this for about 20 minutes a day.

Well, hope everyone has a good weekend, be kind to your neighbor and don't forget to smile.


Carolee said…
Mr. Nelson is just adorable in his paper hat! Good luck with the art classes - sounds like fun!

~ Carolee
Emily said…
Thanks, Carolee!:) I think the art classes will be a lot of fun, too! :)

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