It's cold...

It went down to 13 degrees today. Though it was freezing, we did a lot yesterday. The most significant is we finally have a sink in the basement! I'm thrilled as I can move all my art supplies (which I am) down there and not have to worry about rinsing brushes. I love it! Jon did an excellent job with a few bits of help from the local Mallows Hardware and his dad. :)

I'm in the process of the final coat for the shabby chic beds for my gals. I love the color...antique Bella white. Eventually, I'll either buy or make them quilt covers in similar antique white with roses. Sigh...I love romantic things.
Also, I got the last copy of the new Victoria magazine...maybe they'll be more on the stand tomorrow but I was so happy tonight to get my copy. I thought for sure they wouldn't have it out. It's such a good issue and of course, I love the article about the artist who cuts paper! The forced bulbs sound good too! :)

Well, I've made my tea as it's early in the morning and I can slip in a few hours of sleep if I do. I started to feel sick again after trotting around out in this awful cold. I'm sensitive, apparently. Also, we lit some fire sparklers last night as New Year's morning was so blizzard-ie and cold. I loved the effects...and we got some good pics of this. Afterwards, my fingers were so cold with numb that I could hardly open the door and felt like defrosting in a warm bath. My gals were better equipped with snow boots but even they looked frost bitten.

The sky, however, was amazing. The stars were out with not even a single cloud to hide them. If it wasn't so cold, I'd have liked to lay down and stare at them...but I really didn't want to risk anyone getting frost bite. Maybe if I had a few more layers on...


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Thank You for your lovely comment hugs Denise

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