I'm still de-trimming the house...

There are still decorations everywhere. I guess I decorated a lot this year. I did get 99% of the decorations down in the dining room, I'm sure I missed something. I haven't started on the kitchen or the hallway/bedrooms of the gals. So, there is that next. But the living room is mostly done and I just need to dust/straighten up things. It's not that I have a huge amount of decorations, just that I decided to try some new things. Take what I would normally display in one area and put somewhere else. I liked the change and it made areas that usually would be forgotten more upbeat and festive. Change can be a very good thing.

This year I tried a different recipe that fell flat. I made diabetic gingerbread cookies and the recipe called for the smallest amount of ginger and spice I've ever seen. They were so bland, I'm going to give the rest to the birds. Nobody wanted to eat them...including me. I felt bad as I made them primarily for my dad-in-law. I didn't feel bad that nobody liked them but that the recipe really stinks. Oh, well...
I'm going to go and buy some diabetic recipe books. I think this is better than just getting something off the internet. At least I hope so. Maybe the library will be the first pit stop. :)

Actually, I think most people should go the diabetic route in food choices. One of my New Year's resolution was to limit soda and more water. It's working good so far (plus, I actually started a lot earlier). I saw an experiment on youtube by this science guy and how much sugar is in soda. I was shocked. It looked like thick molasses at the end. Yuck. Anyway, that's my goal this year.

I've been watching the primaries on World PBS. I didn't know we got that station and it has been a life saver. It’s fascinating, mentally stimulating information. So much better than the regular PBS station (the one with kids stuff, etc). I was impressed by the Libertarian fellow, Ron Paul, as I had never heard him before. It was interesting to hear different perspectives and just get excited in the whole process of democracy. I'm really glad with how things are going, election wise, and the person's I like the most are the ones for credit card reform as well as tough on corporations; basically, Obama and Edwards. It feels like there is an air of change about everything.

Last night, I was talking to my husband, Jon, and we got on to the subject of companies and how juice has the same amount of sugar as soda. This amazed me and I'm glad I watered down the few times I bought juice for the kids. Then, Jon told me that some apple juice concentration is actually imported from China. I was totally flabbergasted as I live in Pennsylvania, practically the apple state and why would anyone want such cheap juice in the first place? I know times are tough but good grief, companies do not need to go that low. My other thought was what are they using on their apple trees in China? For all we know, they are sprayed with DDT or some other cancerous bug killers. They do not have laws to reduce pollution or protect their people in China. I just felt sick. This is the number one reason companies go off to places like China...less laws and restrictions. I'm sorry but there is a reason for these laws; to protect people.

I will confess something now. I like to go to dollar stores. I like going to the 99 cent stores and finding deals. But most of the time, I get paranoid as well. I bought some candy canes there, not bothering to check the label, and when I came home found it was from China. I threw them out. I felt scared. I have no idea what is in it. I don't usually buy food from there but if I do, I make sure it's from somewhere in the US. It seems to me that most dollar stores have steadily gotten worse over the years. Jon said it's because there are so many now. It's very true.

My dad-in-law was telling me about some columnist he read and how the person made a comment on what was wrong today. Basically, the problem isn't that products have gone up in cost, that inflation is everywhere. The problem is that wages have froze in growth or have been extremely limited. If most people where paid fair wages, most small businesses would thrive (I'd surely shop there, then at cheaper places) and economically it would be better for everyone. Maybe things will change next year with the advent of change.

In other news, I had to give Mr. Nelson a bath. He was so muddy last night. Actually, so were the gals as they played in the yard and made "mud babies". Apparently, the yard is full of mud people and they are having a blast. Sure it's messy but that's fine with me. I loved doing stuff like that when I was a kid and had my share of mud people. I'm glad I'm raising kids who like to get a little dirty and have lots of imagination in their own yard. I notice a lot of people are prissy about keeping perfect yards. I guess that's fine if you're retired but if you've got a dog or kids or both, let them play. :) My only real regret is not having a big tree for them to climb on. I loved doing that as a kid...Our tree was a big grape fruit tree on the side of the house. You could climb up and sit on the roof and be very safe. I loved doing that. I'd even bring my guinea pig, Strawberry, (pulled her up in a yellow basket on a rope) and sit up there with her. That guinea pig was probably scared out of her life, now that I think about it. lol!

I'm very tempted to get another pet...a guinea pig. But I want to have a really good cage (an indoor and an outdoor cage) that will be protective as well. There are just too many critters around here!

Also, Jon and I are going to be doing some volunteer work at the local Children's Museum. I'm excited about it as it's starting to take shape and really feel like a community project. Now, if we could just get some big donations from a few folks as well as grants, this could be something stable and that will grow.

The weather yesterday was so balmy and even a touch humid; it felt great. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine I was in California near the beach; it was that nice. Of course, now I'm feeling homesick. I really hope this is the year we can try to visit and see my family. Sometimes, I feel like I've been trapped here...just a vague feeling of this. I guess that's what homesickness is.


Jon got thru to our piano tuner and had a slightly funny conversation. We had our piano tuned maybe 3 or 4 years ago. We remembered he had a Bichon, had allergies and was getting allergy shots like me. So, Jon calls and asks if he was the piano tuner (we weren't sure of the name). You had a Bichon. He answers, yes, she was 14 and died a few months ago. Jon was sad and said all that could be said. Then, he said you have allergies and were getting allergy shots...yes, the man answers but not anymore! I'm allergy-free! So, it was kind of funny that everything we remembered had changed. I guess that's how it's supposed to go.


Also, with this warm weather I cleaned out the car. Boy, was it dirty. I'm glad I got it decent again. It probably should have the carpet in there deep cleaned but how do you do that in a car? I just think carpeting in cars is a bit silly. I guess it's for traction or something. Maybe I should look for small carpet pieces. Our driveway isn't the best in the world...broken tar and very muddy. Jon put a bunch of straw down and this helps but it's still cracked, etc. In fact, when it gets muddy it feels like you're walking on a sponge; very squishy.


Well, it's time to start the day. I have a free Tuesday (thought I'd have to rush around and have the girl scouts over for knitting class, but looks like I don't have to; phew!). Also, I get my small payment from my part-time work as well. So, that helps. I'd like to try a few experiments with paper clay that was suggested from my EHAG group and dust off the manuscript and start illustrating my novel. I did a bunch of chores yesterday and now I have time to work on my projects. :)


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