A happy tired and art classes to begin!

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I sort of feel how Mr. Nelson looks...We did some volunteer work at the Children's museum and stayed a wee bit longer than I thought. Just till 10:30pm but with two little ones, it makes a difference in energy the next day for everyone. Plus, I stayed up till midnight...finally, got some papers sorted for school, organized some art supplies and got a bunch of flyers ready to hand out/show.

At the museum, I stripped down the one wall in the art room (had old butcher paper, cartoon kids of all nations covered with a sheet of plastic and old tape. Once that was gone, I just started painting with a can of yellow paint donated from my sis-in-law. I've actually had the paint for about a year and it was nice to have it be used for something like this. It's Pineapple yellow. Now, if that's not cheerful and warm, I don't know what is! :) It needs another layer but I forgot to bring rollers...I'll pick up some for tonight.

It's funny how a new coat of paint brightens and enlarges a room. It's so nice to see a clear painted wall. I'm going to put some trim in light blue and white at the top; sort of a scallop edge and then nail a few nails along the sides. This is for some wire and to display artwork without having to punch a million holes in the wall and it looks cool. :)
I got the idea from a design magazine...I think it was Domino (love that one and I need to reorder!).

I left a few flyers there at the museum but I need to really start going around town. Tomorrow looks to be an ugly day in regards to weather, so most likely a no go. Saturday I might be busy with some friends...we shall see.

I also changed the music on the player piano that's at the museum...I hope that's all right but I felt sorry for the Muppet score (which has been there for a long time, apparently) as it's getting worse and worse. I put Annie in. The piano is a bit out of tune, but at least it's something different.

Jon did kid watching and maintenance. He was starting to snappy but since he didn't paint, that's what he gets. His excuse was wearing his work clothes...

Today was parent day at my eldest's school. I admit I was nervous but it all worked out...I realize now, Lydia is a tad immature...oh, well. I guess that's how most kindergartners are. Though, Norrie seems a bit less immature at times. Funny how little ones can be so different from the same family.

We had our pictures taken, had lunch and then off I went with Norrie. I ended up at the market and my feet are actually hurting. I think I need new sneakers, actually. Plus, wearing yaktraks all the time start to hurt but it's better than slipping on ice.

I dropped a flyer off at Starbucks, but don't know if they'll show it. I hope so, as it came out pretty cool...I used stamps and my own handmade stamp with edgegal.com on it.

I have to go to Barnes and Nobles, Michaels, some schools and drop off flyers (if permitted). Oh, and here is the class schedules:

Art Classes:
Altered Art (collage/Mixed Media) $15 per class 7-8:30 pm Wednesdays
Beginning Watercolor $20 per class7-9pm Thursdays

Children's Art Classes:

Mixed Media Painting $7 per class 3-5pm Tuesdays

Basic Sewing $7 per class 3-5 pm Thursdays

Limit 10 students per class

and contact can be made thru the museum at 944-6830 or email me at emily@gottshall.com

Anyway, lots of good things happening. The classes start next week but it's always based on the weather. Jon is going to be working on a website for them and hopefully, this will be running by next month.

I have to write a few things down as I must say, art projects seem to be coming out of the woodwork, lately. Always a good thing to be busy and if you have to busy, it better be busy with something you love to do. :)


Holiday Queen said…
I'm exhausted just reading your blog! Where do you find your energy? So glad you're doing what you love!

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