Feeling a tad blue...

I guess it's to be expected...the time of year, feeling a little low in energy and patience and now, working more than usual out of the house at night. It started to catch up with me yesterday; had to have a nap, heated up a heating pad and plopped that on my ear as I had an ear ache and there you go. At least I had a good half hour before I trotted, grumpily to work. It's not a long shift, thankfully but it stresses me out having to put in more hours. Of course, my paycheck will reflect this to some degree, so that's always a plus.

I guess I've been down because I have got a mess in the studio. Last night, I just plugged away at sorting/cleaning up and felt a little better. I'm starting to admit I do like having a neat place to work (not perfect or anything). I guess I was surprised to see a photo I took of my youngest in the studio and it looked like she was standing by massive piles of junk. So, I'm trying to figure out what/how to get things together.

I have about 3 tables (1 is a door table) and they are in a row. This makes for a very long table but awkward to get to the sink. So, my goal is to either move stuff around (best idea) and throw out/salvation army the things I don't want which are mostly on the other half of the basement. This year I want to get the coal bin cleaned out (finally) and use that for Holiday decorations. I have a plan in mind and would like to get it done.


Designs by CK said…
Hi Emily,

Hang in there, like I said in group. Things will get better!

Jan. is a LOW month for a LOT of people!

PS: My word verification was: gorys..LOL

Chris :-)

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