Feeling lots better and a red eyed bull

At last this cold seems to be beaten back a bit! I have actual energy to move around and organize/clean and I've been on a creating whirlwind! I just feel so much better...and I know it has to do with my sister sending me pics of the family as well as having a long chat with my mom on the phone. I love it!

I've decided to move almost all of my art stuff to the basement and get that space in order as I go. I feel happy with this, though it gets a bit cold down there. In those cases, a heater will help and I can always bring one project up if I really have to.

On the other front, I'm starting to want to put away the Christmas things and move on to the next holiday, Valentines! I can hardly believe Christmas is over. Well, it's not really over...just the electric lights and stuff. Though, I may leave a few strings up. lol!

I thought Jan.3 was back to school but as it turns out it was today. So, somebody got an extra day of vacation...oh, well. Stuff happens.

We're having visitors (family from MA) coming in and that should be fun. Hopefully, they'll miss the snow storm. Supposed to be a fairly big storm, too.

Jon's working on the sink for the basement. I hope it works and he won't feel depressed that he can't get it done. It's a bit of challenge as he's never done this before but I think he likes challenges, really. I'm excited because if this is accomplished, maybe a small bathroom might happen sometime later this year. :)

While Jon was working he had to turn off the furnace for safety reasons. This was about 20 minutes. Then, he said I could turn it back on. I totally forgot (until now) and my fingers are so numb! Good grief...You just don't realize how you depend on warmth until it's taken away. Some people actually don't even have heat (for various reasons) during the winter...I think that's a shame on our society. Every person should have heat, regardless of paying bills or not. I will say, I was really moving around cleaning while it was this chilly.

One of the things I'd like to get in a few months is a toaster oven. Actually, I'd like two...not because I want to cook up a storm but one would be for food and the other for small clay items. Apparently, you can bake polymer clay in there, like a real oven, but have it outside so you won't have to worry about ventilation. I thought that was an interesting idea. Maybe I'd put it in the garage.

Lately, the temp has dropped a few degrees and it's now a consistent 20 degrees. When we put Nelson outside to go potty, he did his business really fast and then ran like the dickens back inside. I've never seen him move so quickly. I must say it was pretty funny.

I can't believe Jon goes back to work tomorrow. Time just flies...I do feel cheated, slightly, that I was sick half of winter break, but at least I had him here to help me. That was nice.

Oh, we had a bit of an adventure a day or so ago. We decided to go for a drive and Jon drove to Tytoona Caverns. It's a hard to spot cave past some farms. There is a huge sinkhole with beautiful plants growing even in the Winter. You get to this hidden spot and there is a path that leads to steps that go down, down to the bottom of the sinkhole. There is an earthy smell of rotted leaves and horse manure and as you walk further down, a smell of fresh water. It's quite wonderful if you're well and walk slowly. I was a bit nervous as the ground was slippery and Mr. Nelson was pulling his leash rather hard...he likes to run ahead and sniff like most dogs do.

Anyway, we walked down there and my gals are leading the way. I'm like, "Jon, you let the gals go all the way down there?" And he said, "yes, they loved it!" All I could think was there are no rails to block the 10 foot drop into the roaring water going under the cave (with a 2 foot clearing) and how slippery the leaves are. I felt myself panic and clung to a nearby tree. Jon wanted to go closer to the water, but I said no, we'd better go back up. Nelson would have liked to stay but I just felt like we'd all slip into under the sinkhole forever disappearing...The water that was rushing by, usually, is a trickle but not that day. It was a torrent of water. So, my panic spread and the gals and I gingerly walked back up. It was nice to see but my sore ankle, cough and surprise to be so close to the edge of nowhere overwhelmed me with good sense and we went back up.

On our way home, we stopped to look at various animals...sheep, cows, horses. They are close to the road...less than 2.5 feet at times. The sheep were very cute and we saw various cows and horses. We stopped to look at a black cow. Jon starts saying, "Gals, look! A cow!" I look over and at once notice the black horns pointed right at me. I blurt out, "That's not a cow, Jon!" Before I know it, I see a curl of red under the eyes of this bull and it starts to charge right at us. A rickety fence is all that divides it from our little car of glass and metal. I start screaming, "Drive, Jon, drive! Don't stop...just drive!!!" The bull is huffing and puffing and all I can think is, I do not want to be on the news for having a bull attack us or worse. Finally, it seems, Jon drives off. Jon mutters something about the Amish kids we had seen, must have teased it or something. I said, no because they had crossed the street after pass the bull. Believe me, kids are usually smart that way.

So, this way our big adventure. I've seen other bulls and they usually just glance our way and act like we're strange for staring at them. This was not Ferdinand the Bull...believe me, this fellow was quite the opposite.

Of course, I want to go back and photograph everything. That was another annoying part...I didn't have my camera and after all of that, just wanted to get back to city life! :)


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