Not too big, so don't worry. I decided to resign from the caregiver business (for now, anyway). I want to devote as much time as possible to teaching art and doing art, right now. So, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Besides, I seem to be getting sick all the time and with the price of gas going thru the roof, driving long distances isn't worth it. There are a few other reasons but for now, I'll leave it at that.

In the meantime, I've been sick as mentioned earlier. Just feeling so tired and lack of energy makes me just want to crash and not do anything. But I did do housework and that when my wrists started to get very sore and I knew I had to stop. I went to be about 9:30-10 but didn't get into deep sleep (congestion) till later. I forgot to take some cold medicine. Oh, well... Today is a bit better but my ear is hurting so I'm wearing a winter hat to keep it warm. It's one of those days as well. 2 hour delay for school and when we did try to get to the car, Norrie fell 3 times and Lydia practically slid down the driveway. I called retreat and we went back into the house. Any salt I threw down bounced off the path. I couldn't believe it and it was raining too! Usually rain breaks up the ice but this stuff froze to the ground! I'm going to get the gals yak treks as well...

We got an invitation to Caroline's (my b-friend in Ohio)sister's baby shower on Sunday. I want to go so badly but I'm afraid we won't if the weather is this yucky. There's supposed to be an ice storm on Friday and the weather just gets snowy after that. So, I have no idea what we have planned. We shall see...


I can't believe it's already Ground Hog's Day, Saturday! We were thinking of driving thru on Saturday but we'd have to leave at 4 am or something! I don't think so. I'd rather spend the night but as finances are very low, this isn't possible.

Well, today has been a slow day other than the falling down and tears. The gals have been coloring happily and making small messes through out the house. Mr. Nelson is have accidents in protest to having to go the bathroom outside (he barks as soon as he gets out there, poor guy). Fortunately, we've got enough food to keep little people content and in good spirits. I even found a huge bag of bird food I had forgotten in the mud room and Odie is a happy bird now.

Art wise, things are looking up. I have a few commissions to rough out and get okayed by a client, and I'm working on several design pieces for a few companies I'm interested in. I'm going to start a few ACEO's and try some new things.

I've got to go to the Museum and do some work on various things (after I get an okay from the director) and then I can get cracking! :) I wish it wasn't icy and I could head over there now...I'll probably go tonight and bring some paint.

Anyway, good things are happening even with weather being a tad fickle. I can't complain, really, thankfully.

Oh, and I'm submitting a piece to this interesting art show for mailed art! I'm nearly done and just have to paint it. Photos on the way! :)


Designs by CK said…
Hi Emily ~ You go...Rats are such a charming sign and great people!

Hopefully there will be many positive changes this year...keeping my fingers and toes crossed 4 all of us!

PS: Feel better soon & everything happens for a reason! '-)

Chris :)

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