That's about how I describe things right now. Busy with art, family, work and side projects. Last night, I taught a knitting class at the Children's Museum. Fortunately, I had a few helpers and things went pretty good for a first time learners. Knitting is a hard skill to grasp if you've never had any experience with sewing or weaving. It took me until my late 20's to understand crochet and early 30's to "get" knitting. I totally recommend Debbie Stoller's book on knitting as this is how I learned (and with LOTS of quiet).

Oddly, I took up knitting at time when I didn't wear glasses. I had been going thru a period of time where it was very difficult to see when I would do illustrations. I didn't make the connection that, "hey, I should get my eyes tested" until a year later. In that time frame, I learned crocheting really well and knitting blossomed from there. Once I got my glasses, I was amazed at how much of a difference my life was...I could see! I remember looking at the landscape of Altoona...I think it was early Spring and seeing (for the first time, it felt)the outline of leaves, the pencil thin strokes of branches and the color! No wonder I was depressed the first 3 years in PA. I even wonder, at times, if I needed glasses earlier and most of what I saw in the landscape in CA was based on my sight from a child. I don't know if that makes sense...but it's sort of like familiarity of routine. It's almost like you know a lamp on the table is there even if you don't see it clearly. That sort of feeling.

Anyway, the knitting meeting went well and we have a few more planned. I must say the Children's Museum is really improving. They broke up the bigger rooms in the downstairs and made it more of a game room and a smaller tea room. I like it. It feels homey and comfortable. I would, however, get rid of the bed in the upstairs room...seems a waste of space and is stealing some of the best natural light. This could be an awesome art room with easels, etc.

All in all a fun evening. My gals really enjoyed themselves as they ran about playing and dressing up. And yet, they still managed to have a few fights...isn't that just the way. A whole house of toys and games and still...sigh.

Well, I am really tired. After the gals went to bed, I did some work with paperclay, painting and more experimenting with joints for a doll. I actually finished 5 or 6 pieces but I'm submitting them to a few companies before I "unveil" them. I might display a few at the Children's Museum or list them on eBay. We shall see. All in all a good two days.

One great thing is I got my application for the local art group, Art in Common. I'm going to apply and just get a feel for things. It's exciting all the good things happening. I know there is a lot of unrest for a lot of people in the world but I do think this unrest is also going to wake up the greatness of spirit in a lot of people.


Carolee said…
I didn't know you were a knitter, Emily! Very cool to teach classes for kids....Have you seen the book "Knitting for Peace"? A must read if you're into knitting....

~ Carolee
Emily said…
Thanks, Carolee! I've never heard of "Knitting for Peace" but will put it on my to read list. :)

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