Busy day...

Volunteered at the Children's Museum today with my husband and kids. It wasn't too bad, actually. I'm tired as right now but had a good time nonetheless. I wish we could have stayed after everyone went home and just relaxed and played games. Maybe we'll do that on an off day. Seems like it's starting to really get "known" and people are flocking there or at least are throwing parties there. I know we're planning a party there as well.

There is interesting things a foot as there might even be some expansion to the apartment next door...I hope this comes to pass as it would be exciting and interesting as a business venture. But right now, all I can think about it my sore foot. I must have been on my feet more than I thought.

I put up some paintings I did and have to make for sale signs for them. People have already commented on them and I was pleasantly surprised. Plus, I have to make flyers to start advertising my after-school art lessons. I'm going to aim for a 3-5pm class on Thursdays or a weekend. I'd have to see how the schedule would go. This would be for kids from 5 to 9 years old; something like this. Or else, older kids depending on who signs up. I'm going to put together some projects and some seasonal ideas for lessons. It should be fun! :) And if it goes well, I might increase the days...and teach crocheting/basic sewing, reuse of things normally recycled or thrown out and altered arts. I'd have a teen class, too, I think. This would be a lot of fun as well as keep me fresh as an artist. Stuff to think about.

Well, I'm starting to re-type what I already said which means, I'm tired. So, I shall go rest, perhaps put some dowels on the backs of more mini-quilts (I displayed about 3in the museum) and just zone out. :)


Anonymous said…
Now I know where you've been. I've been looking for you...you are a crazy busy person. Glad to see it's art related stuff keeping you busy. Don't be a stranger.


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