A bit sad...

John Edwards has decided to step down from the race. Ah, well...I was moved that he gave more effort and awareness to the poverty in America. I was touched that he gave attention to this esp. in light of the huge amount of people that have lost homes, good paying jobs to low wages, etc.

I also have to stand on my soap box and say a few words on the recent bill passed by Congress to "stimulate" the economy. I find it shameful that we can give a big load of money to "buy" things, as it were. That's what Congress blatantly said, "to buy electronics to stimulate the economy". I just thought that was really embarrassing as I know what most people will do with the money. Buy food or clothing or pay bills. It really disgusts me, to be quite frank.

A sure fire way to stimulate the economy? Raise the minimum wage to a living wage and give universal health care. If they can pass a bill for something like 146 billion, they can surely give every business out there aid to increase wages. Honestly, I'd rather have a good wage then be given a handout one time (or every 5 years or so)...and it's not like it's a handout of 10,000 or something substantial. It's most likely 1,200 per family of 4. The other irony of all this is if a person didn't earn any money in 2007, they will get $0. That makes sense?

If a person is earning $7 an hour, take out taxes/gas...it's about $5. This is working poor. A living wage would be somewhere near 12-15 an hour, after taxes. Want to really have men and women fish for themselves and feel pride in their work? Give them FAIR wages and treat them like valuable people they are. Slave labor isn't just overseas...it's right in our own backyards.

Well, I'm glad I got that off my chest. Sometimes I just feel like we forget that there are people out there that see humans as commodities or waste rather than humans with needs.

Fortunately, there are a lot of people who do realize this (Edwards and many more) and are speaking up for those who have little or no voice in the narrow spectrum of politics. I do feel change is happening. sigh...but how long does it have to take?

Well, I've got a bunch of things to do...I've got to get going and make good things happen in my own part of the woods! :)


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