Ah...a cup of coffee and I'm me again.

Isn't that just pathetic? Yes, coffee is my friend and without it, I feel sort of blah, calm and just floating along. I did get a bit done, fortunately, before I even had a cup. I tricked my brain by having a warm mug of mint tea. Love that stuff to. Interestingly, I hate Irish creamer for my coffee...yuck!

Yesterday, was a calm day at the Children's museum. We got there about 2 and started working with some knitters. I'm thinking of having a knitting meeting (or sewing, whatever anyone wants to do) and just hang out at 7pm on Tuesdays or so.
Girl Scouts knitting
We shall see. It's just a nice place to stay and relax...and I'm meeting some really fun people. I really hate being shy sometimes...but the more I'm around new people, the more relaxed I get. I'm funny that way.


Anyway, I finally found out I didn't get that job I interviewed for. It's a huge relief actually as it would have totally changed everything we do at home. I think this is God's way of saying, I'm supposed to be doing what I'm doing here.

I did apply for several other graphic design jobs but these would be much more relaxed (at least I hope so). The other one I interviewed for was for the Navy...so, who knows what I'd have been doing. I know I would have been able to handle it, however.

It's interesting to see/meet other working mom's. I like that they handle working outside the house and kids in a pretty much balanced way. I know it's also having kids who are older (there's are 10 or older). Apparently, having kids under 6 is the most stressful for parents and for working mom's it's even harder. So, I felt good there is something to look forward to...a sense of calm in it's own way.


Right now, I finished making an armature for a specific piece I have in mind. I haven't shown any of my work lately but I have some coming soon. I've been working nearly every night in the studio (to freezing temps, got to pull out the old heater) and have been making progress. I wish the basement wasn't so cold.

I'm also trying to get an idea of what needs to be done in there...I'm going to clear off some shelves that hold stuff I don't even use at all and either get rid of it or sell it. It's too much and really, I want the space for things I do use.

This will make it much easier to get the space organized as I have boxes of half finished, finished to needs a lot of work pieces. If everything is out and about, how am I going to able to create anything? So, this is on my priority list.

I'm getting tired thinking about it...lol! :) Plus, I really need to have a supplies area for my gals and their art pieces. It seems like everything flows into one big jumble.

Well, now that I've finished cinnamon pancakes for lunch and had my coffee, I feel like doing a bit of work. Wish me luck! :)


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