Well, the Christmas glitz is over and we can all relax, reflect on the blessings around us and get ready for the New year with our loved ones. I have a few things I need to mail out but now that the hustle and bustle is calmed down a bit (I hope) things should be returning to normal.

I finally realized why I was so out of it about a week and half ago...a major head cold. I was achy and felt irritable and grumpier than usual. Plus, I had hardly any energy. But things are starting to come back. Also, on Sunday I slipped on some ice and bashed my arm on a car and twisted my foot/ankle. I'm glad I smacked onto our car or else I'd have went head first and probably would have gone to the hospital. As it was, I just got mildly hurt (pulled a few muscles) and felt even worse with my cold. But I'm coming back up and am not so dire. This seems to be a Winter thing for me...slip on ice. Of course, this was right after a thaw, so there was very little ice which is probably the most dangerous time to walk around because you don't see the ice and you don't wear your trusty yak treks. Ah, well...

So, of course, I fall on my right hand and that hurts for ages and I don't feel like painting or anything. That's about to change as I'm starting to feel a lot better and I am practically feeling itchy to paint/create some art.

On the down side, I stuffed myself with all sorts of sweets (under the illusion that it felt good on my sore throat) and am feeling a tad guilty about that. Salads and lots of water are on the menu for the next few days and I think it's time to dust off the recumbent bike (taking a break when there is good weather). It's back to this till I feel 100%...plus, it's inside and I won't aggravate my cold.

Otherwise, everything is mostly stable. The kids are happy with lots of goodies, they both got two handmade dollies from grandma and a pair of washable babies that wet themselves. This is a good learning device, I must say. I got some nice things; an organizer and fairy kit from my mom/sister. And Jon got lots of food.

We went to a Christmas Eve party and this was fun. Jon got sick, however, and suffered the rest of the night. The gals made out like bandits and then we went home after a quick Santa run to the store. All in all a very good Christmas. It was esp. nice when our eldest said this Christmas was perfect. She got the goodies she wrote to Santa for (nothing elaborate, fortunately) as did my youngest. Furberries were the highlight. :)

I felt like I got a great gift, a beautiful sunrise to capture and a few moments peace while I got better from all my owies. Now, if a few other things happen, I'll be quite happy...I'm all for late Christmas gifts! :)

I finished reading a children's book on Hans Christian Anderson's life. I must say, I had never known how much he struggled and how much more meaningful his stories are because he suffered so much. Oddly, my mom gave us a DVD with "The Ugly Duckling" on it (among other stories). I love it and it has inspired me to keep my dreams alive for writing children's books and an illustrated novel. It's keeping the flames alive.


DesignsbyCK said…
Hi Emily!

Hope you had a great Christmas & Happy New Year! :)


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