Tired but feeling good

The art show was a success! We sold way past what I expected and I was pleased with the response of customers. I felt like my table was one of the more unique and original tables as well as being professional. I was a bit disappointed I didn't get access to a computer so I could use other payments besides cash. Still, on the whole it was good.

It's interesting to see what different shops there are and what people do to make their spots look unique or fun. I wish I had gotten some business cards but only now I'm thinking of it. Of course...good grief.

This was a mix of different things...jewelry, baked goods, stuffed animals, even a massage thing, etc. I wish I had done the massage thing, but I was so keyed up and really, just feeling tired. If had a massage, I'd have probably fallen asleep.

There were a few annoyances but nothing major, a slight confusion in plans, but on the whole a much better experience all the way around. Plus, the building was heated! Thank the stars. Last year, my 1st show was so not good (well, good in learning what not to do, actually and what to aim for). I got sick, was in a room that was freezing, etc.

This time, I did a lot better. I do think I will limit what I bring (not just bring EVERYTHING I have...too many choices for people). And I think I will organize all my animal paintings in boxes for specific animals (in other words, rabbits, rodents, birds, etc). And again, a much better experience as well as good to learn from.

Now, I really, really want to close in my front porch and convert it into a little shop. I think this would be good for various reasons...1. This neighborhood has great flow traffic wise 2. it would be very convenient for me 3. I could have my own shop! :) So, these are my thoughts as of right now. I think I ought to take a business course or two (I've had a few and refreshers are a good thing).

Photos are forth coming. I also learned that I'm pretty good at making displays...though a third table would have been better, I think. I just have A LOT of work. Now, to start listing things on eBay and Etsy. :)


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