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I thought I'd share some close ups of the artwork I was selling. I can proudly say all of it was hand made by either myself or my mom.

I'm so glad everything went well...just wish I wasn't so tired and had more pep. I think if I had loaded the car the night before, this wouldn't have been a problem. Next time, listen to your instinct (not your husband...sorry, Jon!)

I also ended up getting sick even though I wasn't as cold as the last time. I guess it was from lack of sleep and doing a lot of activity. I felt really overwhelmed at some points and it's a good idea not to get so filled with mental lists. I wrote as much as I could but I wasn't sure about quite a few things (being the first solo show and all). I was a bit jealous of the women who had mom's, daughters or best friends to help out. Jon is a good helper but he had to corral the kids up to the in-laws. The in-laws are great but they dropped the kids off 2 hours before closing and I had to walk them home and back again (I needed to get a dolly to carry things because I pulled a muscle in my back).

So, I was achy and got a cold. Thankfully, Jon let me rest in-between working on Sunday (I had two shifts). Still, I got a headache...The good thing is there wasn't any snow/ice...or very, very little ice on Sunday and I didn't have any problems getting to work. I had a lot of concerned family/friends telling me to be careful and fortunately the Midwest snow/ice didn't hit us full blast; it mostly rained.

So, all in all I feel blessed and even if my ear aches, I know a lot of people helped out and for that I am very grateful. :) Now, I will go and get my tea, and go back to bed as it's 3 in the morning. Just one of those nights where I had a lot of naps during the day...

Oh, and look for a lot of my goodies on eBay or Etsy. I hope to list quite a few delights there as well. 


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