Smoke gets in your eyes...

and mouth and nose. I worked on Saturday at a clients and to my horror her son, smoked but a few yards away in the same building/room. This is pretty awful as I am allergic but it was more so for several other reasons. One being there is oxygen tanks everywhere and two the grandkids. This parent didn't even see the kids as anything, apparently. I couldn't breath practically. I'm going to have to request not to go to this client any more...I still feel sick to my stomach, let alone my lungs hurt and I can smell cigarette smoke everywhere still. Disgusting. I think my coat smells too and I have to wash it now. I really think some people are totally ignorant about smoke.

Then, I complained to one of the nurses and she didn't really care. Her main concern was the writing down of what happens during my shift. My client is literally being exposed to chemical pollution as well as I. The nurse even said "was he on his side". As if smoke stays on one side of a room! I'm sorry, but that's insane. Plus, I have a bronchial infection as my lungs hurt. The nurse should listen to her care givers and client a little client, P.,told me that some of her care takers just sit and watch TV nearly the whole time there and that I'm the hardest worker she's seen in a while. Isn't that sad? I don't doubt it. I esp. don't doubt it since the time I saw that other client and her house was deplorable.

I'm really surprised at how people will just be so gross about things like smoking near sick people and children. I'm going to have to cancel my work there as I HATE being ill from this and I do not want to get cancer from something as stupid as second hand smoke.

Apparently, the legislation is trying to pass a bill that would stop smoking in public places in PA. I hope this passes soon and urge people to write to Congress about this.

Besides coughing up phlegm, I'm doing all right. I had a better time with my one client on Sunday as she is very interesting mentally. She is totally on the same page as I am about smoking and is for the employee rights as well. She's 93 and is quite fascinating to listen to when she feels good. It's sad not enough people know the history of some of the things she talks about. She's mentioned John Llewellyn Lewis and how he was one of the greatest forces in American history for the rights of laborers. Fascinating and something we could surely use now for most people working at minimum wage.

Besides all this, I had to take Kiwi to the vet. Her tooth became loose after Mr. Nelson chased her and she bumped against a wall. Turns out it was slightly corroded and this is why it got knocked out. So, we have to do a tooth cleaning sometime this year. I'm guessing all the kitties are probably due.

It just felt like a long day, today. I actually fell asleep face down on the bed for about 20 minutes, I was so tired. When I woke up, I had two cats on top of just figures that would happen.

I'm working on several projects...and I'm going to send a box of designs to a local company. I hope this works out well. We shall see. I'm nervous but they seemed very friendly in the email. I'm starting to value companies that sound friendly in writing and on the phone. The last company I submitted to was so strange and sort of manic about submissions. It just seemed like so much time was lost...I hate that.

Anyway, I'm going to do my best and see what happens. I'm also going to really get my GN done...I got some more info I needed and feel more confident about fine tuning the story. Now, for the illustrations. :)

I feel like good things are of which is our gas bill has been decreased because they had us on the wrong payment plan. Apparently, we have a huge amount to our credit. So, that's something positive.

I can hardly believe it's about 2 weeks till Christmas. I have so much I have to do...little things I want to do for my elderly clients and lots to do for my little ones and family.


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