Scary moment...

As I left to go and pick up my gal from school, I could hear Mr. Nelson barking from the yard. I wasn't too amazed by this but for some reason it sounded sort of urgent and I looked up and started to say, "we'll be right back, Nelson!" when I saw a flurry of light brown feathers flapping over Nelson. To my surprise, I realized Nelson was being attacked by a hawk or an owl! I didn't realize that hawks would do this (let alone owls). At first, I thought it might have just thought Nelson was smaller than he was, as he was by the garage...but now (after Jon and I looked up bird attacks on dogs), I'm not so sure. Apparently, this is more common then I thought. I'm going to have to watch out for Nelson now...Maybe this is why he's been reluctant to go out (I thought it was the cold, but maybe not). I have watched hawks in our yard...but they are about half the size of Nelson and go for pigeons or rabbits. Still, I didn't think this could happen and will be more careful. How easy it is to think one is safe, and then something like this happens.

Maybe once things whiten up, he'll be less of a target...still, it's scary.


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