Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hello, from the land of the cold!

I can't believe I just did 16 Christmas cards...all of them are pretty much originals (or original paintings that I mounted to colorful paper w/ a note on back). About 10 or so where hand drawn...not too big of an expenditure as they are line drawings/cartoon look. They are meant to be funny and hopefully, people will get my humor. We shall see...

Anyway, I'm having fun getting ready for the festivities. I have to see "Elf" which we have on DVD as my Christmas film. I love that movie. It's got to be my favorite. I guess I relate, being tall, rather productive and still retaining my joy of life (I hope). We watched a few Christmas tapes with Frosty and Rudolph...not too bad, actually. Also, I found the rest of our Christmas ornaments which were hidden in the big box under the basement steps. I've really got to be more organized about this as the boxes are spread about the spot for all might be a better idea. So, we have the stockings out, 7 trees (since last I counted) up and either lighted or decorated, and most of the house decked out in shine or glitter or simple wooden stars. I made these wooden stars and just love them. Unfortunately, if they drop on the floor, good-bye stars...too fragile. I'll need to wrap the ends in wire, really.

I'm really please with getting the cards out. Presents can come later...for nieces and nephews and so forth. I think there is too much commercialism in Christmas but I still think it's good to give gifts. I do not want to be like Scrooge and grumble about money, too much, at least. If I could, I'd send everyone a box of chocolate peanut covered pretzels (except my nephew as he's allergic to he'd get a toy or book).

Today was cold, still. There was a bit of rain and things got a tiny bit slippy but not much. Norrie is officially sick. Lydia is getting over the cold and looks better already. I'm starting to get a cold and Jon is achy. I did some exercises and I think I over did the arm stuff as now my neck hurts.

Art wise, besides the cards, I did some paper Mache. I made a few forms and did some work last night. Not too bad. I want to translate some of my illustrations into paper Mache form...hopefully, I can do it. I LOVE paper Mache and used to do it quite a bit but had an unfortunate discovery around 1994. Mind you, this is when I was a young kid and didn't have access to the internet. I used water/glue and flour for the base. Yes, flour. After a few years, all my beautiful paper Mache dolls (I did skater dolls...I was really into watching ice skating...Brian Boitano! lol!), cats and animal dolls all corroded and I had to throw them out. I was very sad about that. I might have photos of them somewhere but, for now they are but bittersweet memories...

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