New day...

Santa, yeah...

My eldest is at home. Tummy upset; poor kid. I'm feeling a bit better, just tired though I slept well. It's a wet damp day and I guess my shoulders/wrists fell it all. achy.

We had to take Kiwi to the vet for her tooth and now I have to give her awful smelling anti-biotic. P U! What a stink. The good thing is they were able to vacuum it right off (the tooth) and she didn't have to be put out for this. Plus, it wasn't as expensive as I thought it was going to be, thankfully.

I have a few things I need to finish up today and then go to the post office. I guess I feel tired about that...well, and I did a bunch of work last night. I cleaned off the other 1930's style bed and getting it ready to prime. Will be giving it a shabby chic look in white or antique white. I already have one primed and it looks 100 times better. We've had these bed frames in the garage/basement for 4 years and it was time to use them. I'm not too fond of the dark stained look...if we had more light in the house, maybe but I love the feel of light colored furniture. It's refreshing and upbeat. There are few things I wouldn't paint but for the most part, I do like painting furniture.

Jon was saying how he wished there was a Fairytale zoo like the one he remembered when he was a child. So do I! Apparently, there was a small zoo that had forest animals and more that people could visit around here. I wish something like that was close by for the kids. As it is, we haven't been to a zoo in a long time. A trip to Pittsburgh may be in order (2 hours to get to the zoo, good grief).


We went to Baker's Mansion and it was all dolled up for the holidays. Can we say utterly charming? I loved it! Wish I could have stayed for hours but was glad I at least got to go. I'm going to join the Historical Society and be an active member. There is a Women's club...I never checked this out before, but perhaps I will. I have no idea what they sounds so nice and old fashioned, though! :)

 christmas tree in room
I took a bunch of photos as Baker's Mansion but most were a tad blurry. I should have brought my tripod. Ah, well...



Well, I need to get a few art things started before the gals awake and my time is given to the life of domesticity.


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