My first book, finally is out!

My first book, finally is out!, originally uploaded by emily999.

I finished up my 1st book...had a few glitches but they are ironed out! You can view it here. And here are some other pics of the inside:

Mr. Nelson; a paper dog w/outfits


A book about a girl who decides to make her dog a raincoat


off to brag about your book in EHAG... It looks SUPER!!!!
DesignsbyCK said…
Hi Emily,

Lori spilled the great news in group and I am glad she did! '-)

Congratulations, I checked your book out on Lulu and it looks SOOO cute! Well done and hope you get LOTS of sales!!

Chris :)
Emily said…
Thank you so much, Chris! I wasn't going to mention it as there isn't any Halloween in least not in the first of the series!;)

Well, I've got to go and thank Lori! lol! :)
Johanna Parker said…
Congrats Emily on your children's book! How FUN it looks! Yay for you :)

~ Johanna
Emily said…
Thank you, Lori and Johanna!! :) :)
Carolee said…
Just read about this in EHAG - it looks wonderful!! Big congrats!!

~ Carolee
Emily said…
Thank you, Carolee! :) It felt like a big accomplishment, that's for sure!

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