Feeling better...

After sleeping countless amounts and having my routine mixed up, I'm feeling a lot better. Yes, sleep does a body good. Also, wearing the correct glasses. I thought about my older pair and wanted to wear them for a bit and did. I didn't realize they were so different from the new ones...esp. at night. Either the lens is too shiny or I was on the road to migraine-ville but it made the headlights of on coming cars flare out and look 50% bigger/brighter. Very annoying. So, back to my new pair.

It's a blustery day with snow flurries everywhere. It still feels like we live in a snow globe when this happens, which can't be all bad. Of course, I'm not driving at the moment, so that's a rather relaxed answer.

I got up about 3 in the morning and did a blog post and had tea. Then, I tried to go back to sleep but got some ideas for something’s I want to work on for 2008. I can't divulge too much as it's in the beginning stages but I'm excited about it!

Tomorrow I'm taking a CPR class. I've never had one and since my work is offering it, I might as well take up on this. It's very important to know what to do and I think this will help me feel more comfortable when we go swimming. I also want to start trying out the campus pool and see if I can handle it with one kid at a time.

I'm still pleased with Saturday's art show and having lots of positive feedback. It's a great feeling, really. Now, to develop a good list of things to do for future shows, etc. I wish there were two of me sometimes...Ah, well...

I also have a lot of cleaning up to do...having this mild cold threw a lot of housekeeping off track plus, all the Christmas goodies need to be put up. I did manage to set up on shelf in the living room...I used two crow models in it and this got me thinking about my little crow, Bumpkin, when I was in my late teens/early twenties. She was such a sweet bird and so intelligent. My dad had found her, under a car. Apparently, she'd fallen out of her nest and her parents were trying to help her. But she was frightened and before she could get hurt too badly (her wing was damaged), he brought her home. I began to take care of her and even though I was limited in my knowledge of crow/bird care, she managed to survive. Eventually, she got to the point of living outside and I got her to flex her wings everyday. The amazing thing is though we had her for about a year (or maybe less) her family always visited her and called to her. Amazing. The day she did leave she flew to them and it was an amazing feeling. She came back once to visit and drank water. After that, I never saw her again. I hope she did well. Crows are very devoted to each other...and apparently, to other animals as well. I saw a recent video of this crow that adopted a cat and it made me think of my Bumpkin as well. It couldn't possibly have been my crow (though she did hang out with my cat, Penny, at the time). I found some pics and will be scanning them today and sharing them. I wish I had the one of me holding her, but for some reason, can't find it. It was fun to look at a lot of the old photos...I finally could look at them, actually, without feeling sadness.


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