Blah, yeah, blah, repeat.

That's how I felt today. I was planning on going to the CPR class but didn't feel good. I guess I got a little stressed out from driving on icy roads. I hate that. Yes, I'm sure there is not one person out there that really loves to drive on ice, but I had to state that I really do not like to drive on ice. Today, when I drove out of the alley and stopped, the car kept going. Boy, talk about a feeling of no control! So, I sort of felt all panicky and nervous for the rest of the day until I noticed the ice has melted a tiny bit. This is not good for someone trying to get over a cold, let me tell you. I had nervous energy and then I'd get sick feeling and have to collapse on the couch. Oddly, I got a lot done but I really need to relax a bit.

I wonder if the roads weren't salted and people had to have chains on their tires, would it be safer? Probably not or about the same, I'm guessing. Still, it was making my hair stand on end.


After I picked up my eldest, we played in the snow (or they did) and must have gone down that hill 12 times or more. Then, they went in, got dried off, had warm coco and relaxed till dinner. It was really sweet. Then, my mom/dad-in-law came by and dropped off a big bowl casserole. So, that was really good and saved me from making grilled cheese sandwiches. I wish I had a few cans of tomato soup...this sounds good for a cold day. Yesterday, I made turkey soup (I froze a bunch of it from T-day) and it came out pretty good. I added frozen broccoli, a cup of rice, some beans and mushrooms. I did add one cube of chicken bouillon as it was too plain with out it. This made for a great dinner/lunch with a squirt of lime or lemon. Yummy! I think I might try a more meatless version of this but I'll have to think about the combinations. I love soups. I think they are such perfect things for these cold, cold days...

I made two loaves of banana bread. Thankfully, everyone loves it and we already finished one loaf! I'll put some of it in Lydia's snack for tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't be too snowy.

I saw a spider today. I was surprised to see it as we don't get any bugs this time of year. I felt a bit sorry for it, as I could tell the cats had been enjoying playing with it, so I said good-bye to the little fellow. I don't mind them really as they're good for the plants but this one was really pathetic looking.

We've been playing marbles since Lydia was taught how from her school. This is really fun and we've had a game or two a night. I need to find more games to play. There is a bunch from Jon's side but they're for older kids (or kind of boring...sorry, Jon! lol).

Lately, Mr. Nelson has gotten the bathroom thing done pat. The whole fenced in yard is the key to happy doggies, apparently. I love it. The only problem now is he is becoming a stealth food snatcher! He steals all the time! It's not like his bowl is empty or anything. I do notice it might be due to lack of dog biscuits (we finally finished the Sam's club giant box) and he might feel like he wants more other food, I guess. Still, it's annoying. He's stolen poor Norrie's cookie, ate Lydia's pasta leftover, drank Jon's milk and will steal my stuff if I leave it at Mr. Nelson level. Maybe it's the cold or something...I don't know. Is he bored? Strange...
Otherwise, all the pets are doing good. The cats even enjoy batting marbles around. The rats are stable for now and Odie (our cockatiel) is glued to the heat vent again. Today he did a happy chirped sound when the heat came back on...almost sounded like, "Thank God, Thank God, it's back...the heat is back!!" He was really happy sounding and when I peeked out at him, he just sat there like he had no idea why I was staring at him.

I wish I had taken that CPR class but if your coughing, this can't be a good thing, right? And I know I'd have bee stressed out by the drive and most likely would have gotten a headache. Also, there was going to be a tea party but that was cancelled, so I feel like this was all right to do considering the ice.

Well, it's late and I really need to go and sleep. I didn't get much cleaning done but at least I did make the bread. Banana bread is surprisingly very low in fats and not too much sugar either. I'd like to make some with cranberries...though, that might be a bit tart for the gals.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and bake some polymer clays...but it's supposed to be really well ventilated...yeah, in 20 degree weather. Hmmm, maybe if I block off the kitchen for a half hour. We shall see...


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