Advent Program...

Today was my eldest gal's Advent program...Oh, how sweet! I love those things...the excitement, the feeling of unity and just the spirit of Christmas to me. I had a good time and it was so sweet to see the little ones proudly going up to sing. I'll have pics shortly as my battery gave up at the end (fortunately, after the program).

I hope to get some baking done today...Gingerbread and maybe another type of cookie. But really, the gals love gingerbread, so I'll probably just do that. I wanted to make some banana bread and put it in little star shaped tins I found at a shop yesterday but I don't know how time will be in doing this. I have to work for two hours tonight.
Altoona in blue
Fortunately, I don't work tomorrow but do on Sunday. Also, it's supposed to rain instead of being ice/rain on Sunday that will be a safe drive.

I got a great movie for $1 yesterday...My Man Godfrey. This is quite excellent and is such an interesting portrayal of what one man learns by walking in the shoes of another. Plus, it's a good love story and I can not resist a good romance! lol! :)

local Starbucks


Holiday Queen said…
My kind of gal... gingerbread and a good romance. What more could you ask for on a gloomy day? Happy Holidays Emily! Looking forward to another year together.

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