Zip, zip, zip, zip

That is the sound of a heavy duty winter coat...four of them. We're cold out here in the East as snow flurries are starting!! The wind chill is I guess that's pretty cold. Still, supposed to get colder.

Today is doing all right so far...had a few potty accidents from a certain kid I know, but otherwise all right. I also made 3 turkey wreaths...or rather the kids and I did but it still needs to be glued down. I had a request from our adopted great-grandmother. So, I made 3 for a few other grandparents....I hope they turn out well.

I feel pretty upbeat even if I have to go thru the garage and see if I can find the parts to make a bed for the eldest kid (because I broke the other one, wah). OH, well.

Well, I have lots to do and little time...good grief! But all good things, thankfully.


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