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Had some fun at the Lakemont Lights display. Also, found out all the profits go to community groups in the the chorus' and much more.

Had a great conversation with my mom last night...ah, how great it feels to talk to mom, I must say. It's always good to talk to someone who understands you. Now, I have to call my sister...hint, hint.

Been having a bit of a spell with certain relatives. I love them but some of them make it really hard to be around. One relative really made me sad this season as she refused to come to Thanksgiving dinner if I even invited one person (even though it was theoretical or someone who is very old and has nobody). I've always suspected this might happen if I ever invited a friend and when it came out, I felt sick to my stomach. It destroyed some of my feeling of joy in thanks, let me tell you, but not all of it. It's amazing I she didn't boycott the in-laws house when my bestfriend, Caroline, came over. I'm still angry at this relative.

I'm tired of bending over backwards for this person. Jon and I are thinking of inviting a few friends/family for future events and if she wants to come or not, that's her choice. It just doesn't feel like Thanksgiving if you're not allowed to even give someone an invite to the dinner. Good grief! grrrr I'm tired of living by a Scrooge mentality and only dreaming of having friends over. Very frustrating. My own dad/mom-in-law are certainly not like this.

Anyway, deep breath. I know everyone has quirky relatives and really it's not always that bad...just makes you feel a bit repressed, I guess. In other news, it's 1 more week to the art/vendor show at Father Kelley's Hall! I'm really excited and I hope I can show my stuff to the best of it's advantage. I hope there are outlet's for lights and it's warm. I just got through putting up the 100 year old shelves (chestnut wood) with Jon in the was freezing in there. Reminds me of the art show last year...and I got a horrible cold from that. Hopefully, I was moving around enough to warm up and I hope the Hall is warm too.

I've finished nearly everything...a few fairy ornaments need to be tutu's and I have to pick up some more mattes for the prints...otherwise, it's all coming along! It should be fun and I hope a lot of people come out to this event.

I think I'll plug it on the Altoona Mirror web site as well...though, that's probably being done, but just in case, I'll do that.

I have one other client tonight at 5 and then, it's all about the art/children and life for a bit. I think I need to get some new batteries for the camera as well.

Tra lalalala~


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