New work at the cafe

New work at the cafe, originally uploaded by emily999.

I finally had a chance to drag my sick husband to the cafe and get some work up. It only took about 45 minutes to hang everything...still, it's been a few weeks longer than I expected to get it up. Glad it's done.

I have a few new things up...wall sculptures, which have a folky feeling to them. I really enjoyed making these and will be doing more. I'm also going to make a specific piece just to display at the cafe...or coffee related, I should say. :)

Anyway, lots of fun stuff even with everyone being out of sorts. I feel sort of sick to the tummy...I hope I'm not getting the flu. I know my youngest is feeling cranky. I really don't want to be sick for Thanksgiving day...but we shall see.

I'm having major homesickness right now, as well. I didn't realize it was going to sneak up on me like this. I really hate this feeling as it makes me bitter for what I do have at times. But I will not let this feeling overwhelm me...

Anyway, I'll just focus on what I can do...and that is make my artwork and hopefully a turkey tomorrow. My mom emailed me and told me all these recipes for cooking it...I hope I can borrow a few ideas! :) Thanks, Mom!! I love you! :)


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