Last night

I wrote this blog but couldn't put it up because my internet connection went phssst! This has been happening a lot lately and makes for an annoyed Emily...ah, well...Fortunately, I saved the post and here it is, albeit a tad late:

I had a sore throat on Sunday (worked in the garage without a scarf or warm jacket...shame on me) and felt the effects by the time I had to go out to a client. Good grief. I slept so much on Monday and even napped today with my youngest, thus nearly missing pick-up of my eldest from school! Talk about panic!!

I'm starting to sneeze a bit but no ear pain, so that's good. I'm so nervous about Saturday. I just hope I can make everything look presentable and we have a good crowd. The weather looks good so far...but that can change in one gust of wind.

With all the plans for the Christmas show on Saturday, I've been getting into the mood for Christmas way earlier than I have ever been. The day after Thanksgiving, instead of shopping and going crazy (like a lot of people do, apparently), we just relaxed and then left to go to a tree lighting in Hollidaysburg. This was SO much fun...I've never been to one and even though Mr. Nelson was challenged by a massive Collie (and started barking in the middle of Away in the Manager), it was fun. Jon's folks sang their hearts out and froze their appendages nearly off. I was frustrated that they had them standing on these stupid rafters in 20 and colder winds. Why not let them stand around metal barrels with wood burning and sing from there? Or have heaters or something? Anyway, it was a bit too "TV perfect" if you ask me (esp. with the Weatherman right there chanting words of encouragement as he ran about trying to stay warm as well).

There was such a huge amount of people I thought I was in Pasadena for a while...though much colder, of course. We saw some cute little shops which I will be investigating soon and there was a free petting zoo and horse drawn carriage (which we didn't try as we had our dog). After this, we got some burgers and went to see the Lakemont Lights and had a good time there as well.

Saturday, we relaxed, did more house stuff and I forget what else! lol! Oh, yes, I worked with a client and she told me how they were already getting their real Christmas tree. Now, I want to get a real one too and nearly got everyone to go. But we chickened out as we thought it was too early. Still, I really want to go soon and go on the horse drawn carriage there...
We stopped at the Salvation Army (that's what we did) and I found the oddest but cute dolls there and some good books for the kids. Then we stopped at Wall Mart to price fish (live Beta's that is) and as we were leaving nearly got hit by a crazed driver. I couldn't believe it as we were already half way across the pedestrian walk path and this nut nearly hits Lydia and me! I was so stunned...Jon pulled us out of the way and the driver stopped, thank god. I stared at the driver and waited to see if he'd apologize but he just stared back like he did nothing wrong. I mouthed the words, "What the hell?" and started to get enraged. If I had any sense I should have punched in his car hood but I was too flustered and upset. We got into our car and I saw where the guy parked. I had Jon drive back and I took down his license number. I'll be reporting this jerk. As we drove out, I saw the security asleep in his truck....of course. Thank God our guardian angels and Jon were not sleeping!

So, that was Saturday...oh, and we visited one of the elderly people bringing our dog as she loves dogs. This made her day, I hope. Next day, back to work and got a bunch of raking in...phew and another client. Monday came by and we went to the art store in the rain as I was getting cabin fever. I made the mistake of getting one of those pre-fabricated Ginger bread houses...they are so much more work then you'd ever guess. I just want to dunk the whole thing in milk and eat it. I broke my hand mixer (the second one now...and both doing Christmas stuff) trying to the get the icing to mix. The directions said only 2 tablespoons and 1 teaspoon of water. Not so! It needs at least half a cup of hot water! So, I have a half set ginger bread house and I hope to God it doesn't crumble till the girls get to see it all pretty...sort of.

At least I'm finished with the angel clothes peg dolls! There are nearly 24 of them and they are so sweet. Now, I have to paint all my little paintings up and do one commission. I feel tired just thinking about all the paintings but happy to do it.

The only thing I need to do next is go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and though there are a few rotten apples out there, most people are good and this makes all the difference. :)


penny said…
Emily, do I spy a BICHON in your pictures????? I LOVE your artwork! thanks for dropping by my blog!
Emily said…
Lol! Yes, Penny that is a bichon in the snow people photo! lol! :)

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