It's been a busy week...good grief. But for the first time in a long time I felt mentally prepared even if my body was a bit reluctant to get going. I will probably forget to write half of what's been happening and remember later on. Not a problem...

Anyway, last week was the hoagie returns. Boy, does that seem like ages ago...Let's just say, I had too much of this and had to start doing more veggies. I just did not feel great. On a bright note, I REALLY love soy beans. My goodness, these are so wonderful with lime and chili powder. I love them more than chips! That's pretty amazing, I must say. To top this off, the gals have found a new love in lime as well. I was really happy about this because I see fish in the future with lime and veggies to boot.

The weekend was heavy with work but that's all right. I'm trying to prepare myself for annoyed clients and not let myself get pulled into their anxieties. But if worse comes to worse, I can always ask for a different client. I hate to do this but I'd rather not feel negative feelings from anyone. So, we shall see how this weekend goes.

Had a work meeting on was nice to see other caregivers and I was a bit jealous some were even friends. How do they meet each other? I never met anyone but my clients and just the people at the home base (for assignments). But we shall see what happens. I had a good time, won some brownies (which we all loved) and then it was allergy shot, pick up kids, market, etc. Phew.

Did a small amount of I've been trying to get St. Therese photos I've made framed for the show on Dec. 1st at Father Kelley's Hall (in Altoona, if you're interested/close by). I hope a good crowd of people show up. Part of my sales are also going to my gals, all in all a good thing.

I finally got my free turkey but it won't fit in the freezer. I guess I froze too much stuff from the garden (zucchini) and have it in the fridge part. I hope it doesn't thaw out too much, otherwise, I'll be making the turkey.

Today was bowling day for the kids and I tagged along. It was very stuffy when we arrived and I nearly left but decided it was only once and thought we'd stay for an hour. We did and to my surprise somebody actually started to smoke with all these kids there! I went up to the lady behind the counter and asked her not to let people smoke. She did and they put it out. I didn't feel like I did anything out of the ordinary (my dad always protected us from smokers...they'd actually smoke outside in the play area at fast-food areas! Disgusting and hurtful). Then, a mom came up to me and thanked me and then another woman said she didn't like it either and could hardly wait for the laws to change in PA. I felt vindicated. I really think we're too polite sometimes and grit our teeth instead of saying, "Please don't smoke near me or my children".

I was thinking about why it's obviously bad to smoke around children. The #1 reason is second- hand smoke causes cancer. The #2 reason should be that it's EXTREMELY addictive. Guess who gets to smell this? Kids...if they are allowed to be near this. Not very smart if you want to keep kids from taking drugs/cigarettes, etc. Sometimes I feel like I'm one of those annoying women in the 1800's who were against drinking. lol! :) Nearly every morning, I see parents driving their kids to school...while the parent is smoking away. The strange thing is, most people who smoke will get offended if you shake your head or say you shouldn't be smoking around your kids. Honestly, if I was a cop, I'd fine the parents for child endangerment.

We had to leave early as it was starting to give me a headache (though it was fun to see the kids bowling...I felt really sorry they were all being exposed to this awful air...would we allow kids to walk around radiation plants unprotected and be exposed to cancer? That's the same thing...) and Lydia hit her chin on a table playing around. So, we left, we all had showers, washed all our coats and clothing to get the smoke out and I nasal flushed as well. I wish I could clean out their noses like that but they are too young. Both gals were down and tired and I think it was from the stink in there. They're usually very upbeat and happy after a walk in the woods but here they were looking ill. They perked up after a short nap.

One of my wishes, besides laws to protect people from inconsiderate smokers, is to start a bowling alley smoke free. I just know this would be a huge success in this area and would attract A LOT of families. I told Jon this idea and he liked it too. Could you imagine a smoke free area for families to hang out in the Winter time or even just at night? It's a pity I'm not more monetarily endowed or else I'd start one right now! I know this would attract families who just want a clean place to have fun as well as people who can't be around smokers or don't smoke. Sometimes I wish I could get some investors to back me up or win the lottery. sigh...

We also made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon...that was nice. The gals are actually starting to get the concept of measurements and I'm starting to memorize the cookie recipe...amazing. It was the perfect afternoon for this as there were snow flurries and the cold just seemed to be everywhere. Fortunately, the house is staying so much more warmer since we insulated. I can hardly wait to do the walls next. What a difference.

I have plans to teach a group of gals how to knit. I hope it goes well...I know it's hard to do this sort of thing for the first time but if I go slowly it should be fun. I'm excited about it and hope they will be too.

I can hardly wait till my gals learn this stuff...well, they know how to sew a bit. They just need the time to do it. I think knitting would be more challenging than crochet...but all in time. I just wish they'd sing Christmas carols with me when I play the piano. That's all I ask!

On a totally different note, I hope to get a few things up on eBay tonight. I hope I can get this done as I have postponed this because of all the other work. I might have a few things to put up. I also really want to change a few paintings at the cafe seems like ages since I did that. Amazing how plans change in a few moments.

I think the gals will sleep well tonight as we were so busy today. I had a good day and feel like I made an effort to get along and stood up for our clean air rights.


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