I still don't get Easterners...

I've been living in PA for about 4 years, now. And there are still a few things I don't get about the natives of the area...or at least those who still refuse to admit it's really, really cold and go around wearing shorts or only 1 layer. I don't get this. Maybe they have skin colored thermal underwear and I just never really took time to look at their bluish skin or unusually dark brown legs, but what in the world are these people thinking?

"When it's cold, it's cold", at least that's the way it was in Southern California. However, it seems like the mentality over here is, "When it's cold, it's not cold enough..." to break out the winter coat, wear the gloves/scarf/hat and snow boots and wear a thicker sweater in the house. I just don't get it. When I'm cold, I don't say, I'll bear it out or act like I'm not cold. That's insane. That's like being stung by a wasp and refusing to run into the house but walking extra slowly to appear calm (while you scream on the inside).

It just seems like there has to literally be a blizzard outside and 5 feet of snow before some people will stick gloves on their hands and order coffee instead of a cold drink. I don't know...maybe these people have electric tee-shirts that keep them warm but I will be wearing my winter coat with a sweater and thermal underwear. I did forget my gloves today but at least I had my big fluffy hat on. Let them mock me and call me cone head, but at least my ears are warm and cozy.


Apparently, the cold has already taken it's first yard item to the next realm. I, finally, dumped the half frozen sandbox that had become our temporary outside pond and when I went to rinse it out with the hose, the nozzle was totally busted, spraying water everywhere. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know you had to bring that in too. I'm going to make Jon take the hose in, next. Fortunately, that was disconnected or we might have pipes doing the same thing. It was REALLY windy today and it was a pity as Jon and the gals raked 8 bags of leaves the other day. I'm more inclined to mow them up but it's been too wet for that lately. Now, our yard has leaves again...oh, well.

We finished the Ginger Bread house. It may have an "accident" where teeth marks will appear as we're all staring at it. It really looks good, I must say. We're out of milk at the moment, so this might have to wait till this is remedied.
I made two pizza's from scratch last night...Norrie loved it, Lydia not really. It's always like this...one likes something and the other doesn't. Actually, the only thing they like together is quesadilla’s. So, we have that on hand, thank goodness!

I pulled out two boxes of Christmas loot and discovered I had packed some Halloween/Autumn stuff in one of them as well. Gee, that makes sense...so, I need to get a box just for Halloween stuff. Annoying to say the least.

We have this Christmas tree that is about 3 years old and I decided to only put up half. I used an old barbell weight and that is the base (until I get a bucket and cement it in). I put it on a table and it looks very sweet. I like little trees, I think. Plus, the white Christmas tree is so lovely and makes me happy. I cemented that one in a bucket too. I recently got a pink tree and it has lights set in it...it is so charming! I thought I'd always love green trees but colorful ones are just fun! I've seen blue feathered trees and these look interesting but are a tad pricey at $40! The next tree we get will be a small live one...

Anyway, the 3 year old artificial tree has given up it's branches as I used it to decorate the fence. I thought I was going to get blown away! The wind was tremendous and I'm really glad we got the house insulated. How did we ever stand it before?? No wonder I was always sick or achy. Anyway, I want to put some bows on the fence and I'd put on lights but it seems like so much work...we shall see.

The furnace just kicked on and it's starting to warm up a bit but my feet are cold. I need to put on my sneakers...I'm excited about the craft show on Saturday. It's making me wish I could convert my front porch into a little gallery/shop. Just a thought but a fun one too!


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