I am tired...

It was one of those days where you just feel like you're running and running and running. Oi...I woke up for work and realized Jon had let me sleep in and ended up having to rush. Made it on time and worked hard to create a happy home for my client. Then, it was rush back home, clean up and hope Caroline would make it (she did!). Then, happiness at having them arrive and hanging out. We went to the park and played in the evening sun as it set. Then home again, take-out yummies and finally back home to eat. Then, another rush to get beddings, market trip and so on. Still, more with pulling out the old playpen and all the crumbs and memories seemed to poor out.

Finally, a calm moment of just sitting here now...I think I'll make some mint tea and go to bed. I have to get up at 6 tomorrow and go to a client at 7 till 11 am. I got a call for 5-7pm for a call out but won't be able to make it. I just have to give time to my family and visiting friends.

I hear my husband coming down the steps...probably to remind me to go to sleep soon. I just feel so happy right now that Caroline and her family are here, my kids are sleeping and I can finally relax.

Also, I stopped at the Art gallery...seemed to be doing well! Probably stop by tomorrow and look around as well with Caroline...hopefully, won't be too much with little ones.

I'm so tired right now, my hands are shaking...I guess I'll sign off. Have a good night, folks. :)


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