Happy Monday!

It's cold outside with a slight layer of frost on car windows but nothing too hard to manage. Of course, I wore my trusty winter coat...the one with down. I don't care if I look like an enormous black caterpillar, it's warm! I made the earlier statement about the frost sound so nonchalant but it's actually annoying to have to scrub that off the windows so I can actually see traffic. I need to look into various defrosting products...but what I may just need is to clean out the garage and park in there. Still, one of those round plastic dish scrubbers might help in the short term.

The Art show at the gallery looks like it was pretty good! I'm glad...hope I made one or two sales. We'll find out soon enough. I'm going to have to get whatever didn't sell and bring it to the Christmas boutique at the Father Kelly Hall for Dec. 1st! I'm excited about this and hope I can make it look as good as I imagine. Perhaps, a sketch of it will help me get an idea of how I want my table to look...Exciting!

I had to work for a few hours in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. Caroline actually made it over here...I'm still in shock! She had both her little kiddos...so adorable! I love the 8-9 month age! Plus, her daughter, Sarah, reminds me so much of my eldest.

Must be the personality or sweetness. Norrie cried and cried because she didn't want them to leave...what a sweetheart. She really loves Jacob and just loves playing with him. Jacob has the cutest face...chubby cheeks and looks like Spanky from the Little Rascals.

We got to see the Railroad museum and actually didn't have to pay as they were closing earlier than the sign said...

I was glad about that...even if we were short on time. The kids all had fun with the kid friendly displays and we had fun looking at all the period pieces. I really loved the poster...talk about vibrant colors and the artwork!

We may meet in Pittsburgh next time...there are some really great museums there for kids and grown-ups. Sometime I would like to go to the Andy Warhol museum but I don't know if this is kid friendly.

During all this weekend, a few bad things did happen. I overworked, got a huge ear ache and got exhausted. I was cleaning and moving things around like crazy. I even broke my eldest little toddler bed in the frantic feeling of clearing the rooms. Dang! So, I'm going to have to figure out something for their beds...the mattresses are fine...might have to splurge and get a bed for her. My goal was to paint the 1920's headboard that came with this house and make that into a bed (was going to do that next summer). But I may have to do it sooner...Plus, I don't know if this will fit a twin mattress (I think it had a rope base for springs...so, this would take a little adjusting, paint and so forth. But it'll be fun to try and get it together as well. I love this headboard as it has floral moldings and would look so very shabby chic when finished. We shall see...

I was embarrassed as we forgot to clean the rat cage and it was stinky. I'll clean them today. Mr. Nelson was being a bit of a pain and I felt bad that he would run everywhere and make the floor dirty. I could tell Caroline felt better being at my dad/mom-in-laws because they didn't have any pets. I'm just a pet person...oh, well. I'll try to do more clean up.

The best thing about them coming over was we got SO much stuff done. Still, we did see how much more we needed to do too. It's a good goal and I love having good company over. It was so sweet to see Caroline was patient with my kids, loving to all of the kids and just great to be around with. I wish I hadn't been so grumpy with my ear ache and snappish. I was also upset I missed out on an hour of sleeping in as I TOTALLY forgot about the time change! I was so annoyed at myself. I hope my client didn't feel my annoyance as I was a little less cheerful and felt so tired. I'm glad she told me about wanting a turkey wreath from my gals. We'll do some special things for her and all our dear grandparents. I've already got a list ready of things to make for the holidays.

This is another perk for working with elderly people. They help you remember holidays and thank you notes and just being thoughtful. On the whole, they are quite enjoyable.

I was going to sleep in the parking lot till my shift started but ended up being hounded by security. I went to wal mart and got some cinnamon buns for everyone and then I drove to Lakemont park.

I got some pics of the lake and visiting Canadian geese! I was very happy about that. :)


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