Ghosts? and thoughts...

I recently saw this video about the "Ghost at a gas station". I've heard different feelings on's a blue plastic bag, a ghost, etc. To me, it looks like a bug sitting on the glass of the security camera. Or it could be a doctored video, as some suggest.


Well, this week is Thanksgiving. Sometimes, I'll get into a funk and feel like why don't I have more or why is life so difficult and hard sometimes. And then I look around me and I see I'm not seeing everything around me. My recent complaint was not having a cup holder in the car. But for goodness sakes, I have a car and something to drink, let a lone a hand to hold this something. I started to feel ashamed for being so petty and shallow. I started to think about what I do family, food for the table, pretty good health, humor, legs to walk with, my art, strength and so much. It's funny how things begin to get into your mind that your somehow without because you don't have ___________ (whatever that is). I decided to remember all the happiness I do have right now. Happiness doesn't come from having the most up-to-date car, a great figure, a beautiful face or perfect grades or home. Happiness comes from being in the moment, taking care of the things you have and loving the people in your life. We all have to love something as a 95 year-old woman told me recently. I think this is very true.



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