getting messy, again...

I'm nearly all packed up for the show tomorrow. Just need to pack the car tonight or early tomorrow morning. Depends on how much I can stand the boxes piled by the front door. shudder...I must be maturing as I starting to really like things put away and organized. Thank the stars, the gals are past the whole "Rip it open, take it out, throw it all over the place" stage. Well, mostly.

I feel excited and a little nervous...I still need to get some clothes pins and pack a few more things. I just remembered, I should have some bags or something to put stuff in! Didn't even think of that. Thankfully, my mom made me (a few years ago) a pretty plastic bag holder and I'll bring that.I need to get my business cards as well. I guess I should finish my break and go back to work! lol! :)


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