Feeling better today...

Took it easy, again. Started to feel like I was getting a sinus infection (okay, I know I have a slight one). But if I take it easy and don't stress out, it most likely will go away. At least I hope so...it seems to help if I don't go outside when it's cold. I wish I had a face mask to wear...cold air really bothers me. In other words, it makes me cough and I get a headache very quickly. So, I have to watch that.

Otherwise, a good day. I'm learning it's a very good idea to clean up a project before starting a new one (which I have a tendency to do). I just put it all in it's own little box and move to the next art piece. This helps so much. I feel like I've solved a long battle or something. Anyway, one of life's little realizations.

I can hardly believe it's going to be Thanksgiving this Thursday. There is a lot to be thankful for and a lot to pray over as well. My thoughts go to my aunt and her two sons in the military. I pray they are safe and come home soon. I also pray for the wife and family of our friend who passed. I hope they will be able to heal and be strong after all their sorrows. And I pray for all the people who I care for in working with the elderly and for the caregivers themselves. It's interesting how walking a different path, gives you so much more insight...It's a good to try a different direction every now and then.

And I pray for all those who are suffering from the recent Cyclone in Bangladesh and those who are in need. I can only hope there is aid going to them and we can bind as a whole world instead of separating ourselves when there is such need. I often think how like Scrooge we are and how if we listen to kindness and charity, we can change like him too. It might not even be money but how we vote and how we treat each other by what policies we support. If we vote, does it do good for many or good for a few? This, to me, is the deciding point on many issues. This is what it means to see how we can create good or let people fall apart with neglect or worse, ignore.

I used to think we should be like Jesus...or like Gandhi. Now, I think we should be more like Scrooge...do positive things locally and do good works because we can.


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