Busy day out...

(aaaalydia* typed by Lydia age:5)

Today wasn't too bad to wake up to but a little stressful for other reasons. Had to be at a client's home at 9am and did that. I think she may be getting more dementia as she seems to zone out more. I felt a little sad about that and it made me feel nervous. One minute your talking to a person and the next, their sort of not seeing you anymore.

The next client I had today was much better...plus, she had a dog. This is a 95 year old woman and to be quite frank, I think having a pet keeps people sane. I've worked with quite a few people and the most together people, so far, are the ones with pets. The most normal people seem to have a pet or two (maybe even 5 critters but not too much more than they can handle) and they just seem happier. I was really surprised and happy by this as it makes me feel better about having a few critters of my own. I guess I started to feel like I was a farm because a few people have thought that having more than 2 pets was "crazy". Well, I feel justified now! :)

In fact, I feel like very blessed to have these critters in my life. How much more emptier my life would be without them. I must say I've learned so much from having these little beings in my life; each one has brought some new understanding or insight about life. It also made me see how different a dog is from a cat but how both respond to kindness.

I'm not one of those who feel animals are "little children" and baby them (though Mr. Nelson is subjected to wearing a coat on occasion)...I hope I see them as much as a whole being rather than what I want them to be.

Anyway, such was my day...in-between this, we went to the market and a small vendors/yard sale at a local church in Bellwood. It was a bit lukewarm as the upper floor was way overpriced and the bottom floor was sort of picked over, I guess. I guess I felt a bit annoyed because I didn't have a lot of cash on me...so, when the gals wanted these cheap ladybug magnets (that were overpriced), I felt annoyed. Then, we got toys that should have been marked a 25 cents but the people were to stingy to mark them down for the kids. Plus, I saw a cool looking carved trunk but this old man bought it...dang. Sometimes, I just get irritated by stuff like that. Also, the building wasn't marked correctly and we drove for 5 blocks past it and they misspelled a few words on their signs (Jon caught this that...I was too busy checking the gas as we were getting low).

Why does it seem like I nearly always find cool things when I don't have the money? SO ANNOYING! lol. Plus, I found out I don't get paid until a week after I'm supposed to by this company I work for. Good grief. I might have to get a 3rd job. :(

Anyway, I'm going to have to try and get some art out on eBay because I really like doing this and I feel like it's time. Oh, and the 3rd annoying thing is I didn't get to go to the cafe and put some new pieces up! Just realized that one! Darn it!

Now, I will focus on the good things...Met a very person today who loves dogs and understands the importance of having pets (regardless of age of our selves). The other good thing is Jon is cooking dinner..."stir fry", as he calls it and it smells very good (garlic and onion)! The third good thing, I get free hugs from my little ones, among other random attacks of initially loving expressions, sigh...4th I'm very glad I have a place like this blog to spill my guts, to an extent, and just ramble on. lol...hopefully, those who read this don't think it's too annoying. The 5th thing is I have a bit of time to do some art tonight and don't need to be anywhere special. Sixth, the family is happily relaxing and being together. Seventh, that there are blessings to be seen everywhere.


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