I'm up at 3 in the morning because I feel a bit sick to my tummy. I don't know if it's the ice cream I had or because Jon showed me this scary, stupid video off of youtube.com. DO NOT WATCH this if you get scared easily as it'll make you jump. I think I got even more scared because Jon worked it up to be about a ghost following a car, that you could hear something strange on the tape as it was recorded and so forth. I'm still angry about it as it scared me so much, I almost threw up. The hairs on my arms seemed to dance all over me and I almost started crying. I guess I took it seriously that it was an innocent ghost recording. Now, I feel betrayed and anxious. I do not like jumpy, scared in-your-face stuff. Why put your self through stress like that? There's enough really scary stuff out there and I don't need to watch this sort of thing. So, Jon is in the dog house.

I guess I was really tired at the time after a nice evening out at Garvey Manor trick-or-treating with the kids. We even had a moment to visit my client and show-off the costumes. I used last year's dino/dragon costumes instead of the lady bug/butterfly one's. Basically, I didn't know if people would get my ambiguous costumes (ladybug on leaf and butterfly on leaf) and the dino/dragons are cuter as well as more recognizable. Much to my happiness both gals wore them (two years ago, Norrie didn't want to wear it) and this made them worth the time I put into those outfits. Not that I didn't do that this year...Last year, they just had mushroom hats (hey, they were fly catcher mushrooms...cute and warm considering how damn cold it gets usually).

All this and I dropped off a bunch of paintings/brooches at the Albert Michaels Gallery and Gifts. I think there was about 50 paintings (maybe more) as I went through part of my at-home gallery. I had a few from years past but on the whole, there was a lot of new work. I'm glad to have some place to show it and hopefully a few will get bought and find good homes.

After this, got my allergy shot and did some shopping at Ross. All this wore Norrie out and she was SO cranky. At about 4:30 she had a melt down and after, I said, "Are you all done?" And she said, "Yes, I am." I picked her up and held her till she fell asleep, thankfully and then tried to doze my self. But it was like every animal in the house and noise outside seemed to echo in my room. I couldn't sleep at all and finally had to get up and make a snack for Lydia.

It was a long day, let's just say. One thing I just learned from one of the gals on flickr (Texas to Mexico) is something about soy beans called Edamame. This one has cucumber sticks with chili and lime. I just about ran to the 24 hour market to get some lime and chili when I saw this. Oh, lovely delicious-ness! :) I will be going tomorrow at first light and get everything I need. You can add Edamame with steamed zucchini as well (and I actually have 3 left from the garden...a late, last minute production from the garden...this week everything died off and I have to remove it all and till the ground/save a few more seeds).

Right now, I'm having my peppermint tea and it's cooling effects are starting to take over my icky tummy feeling. I feel an urge to do some baking as well and will be making a few baked goods, I hope. Supposedly/hopefully, Caroline is to come this weekend...I had a bittersweet time last week with the baptism. I was grateful to have it done with the family but sad the god-parents weren't here. Still, better late than never, as the saying goes.

Hopefully, I can now go to sleep with visions of Edamame in my head. I have more to share tomorrow...including a cute purchase of a Halloween statue (it was only $4!). But now, I have to go to bed and dream happy dreams.

Okay...now I'm hungry. I wish my mom was here and we could bake some cheddar bread...


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