So much is happening...

Tomorrow, my friend Caroline should be coming for a short visit! I'll take what I can get!! I'm excited and nervous and still have to fix-up a few things around the house.
swap for the Fairie Zine! :)

The Halloween Tree!

I got off from work last night and was able to stay and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters (we do it a 1 week in advance over here...don't ask me why). Anyway, so the kids were dressed up and looking cute and had fun. Lydia is hoarse and stayed home from school as she had a rough night with coughing and didn't feel good. She only went out trick-or-treating for 15 minutes with daddy, Norrie and Mr. Nelson. They were a butterfly and ladybug. Mr. Nelson wore a scarf. I really need to prepare better for costumes considering I only have half the time to get them done. I didn't even get to make Jon and my costume (I was going to be a spider and Jon a grasshopper). Oh, well. Maybe I can have something for all 4 of us for the retirement trick-or-treat next week.

All this and I have to finish painting the bathroom, change rooms Caroline and family, get stuff ready for the art show and the school show. Phew.

My Day of the Dead Doll "The Dancer" didn't sell. But you know, I'm glad it didn't. I really like this doll and so does Jon. He was happy we get to keep it as it's my 1st one and we both really like her. I have others I'm working on...

I still need to do some quilts but I feel too tired right now. So much to do but it's good stuff. I love being busy making things.


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