Phew, I'm tired.

It's been a hectic weekend...or rather Friday and Saturday morning. I recently was given more hours as my job as caretaker for seniors. I usually have something like 6-10 hours and now it's increased to at least 12 hours per week (or more if need be). It's tougher on me as I see less of the house/kids/hubby. I had a 3 hour evening last night and this morning I had another 3 hours. Then, I have another 3 this evening and tomorrow up at 5:45am for another 3. This is not typical, thankfully as I go to see one client every two weeks or so. Her place is the hardest for 2 reasons...1. I'm very unfamiliar with driving to Bellwood. 2. I have to do so much cleaning while there! Today I scrubbed the bath/kitchen floor, wiped down more cobwebs from the ceiling in the dining room, washed all the cushions, etc,etc. I swear the other caretakers just do the least amount of work. I feel sorry for this client because she is super nice. She won't ask anyone to do anything. Not even dust. So, I did that too for which she was very grateful. I sometimes think it's better for the client to tell you to do a few things...that way other workers don't have to do everything. Last time it was even worse with cobwebs over her poor little bed.

Anyway, the other problem getting there really showed it's colors today. Jon drove down and I followed in the other car. When it was time to leave, I decided to try and back track...I ended up headed towards Cresson. Let me just say, this is not where I wanted to go! Plus, I was on empty...which is really scary in the middle of the woods. So, I coasted back down to Bellwood and got to the gas station and took the road thru Greenwood home. I even got a little lost there too, but it was mostly familiar so not too bad.

I got home 45 minutes later than usually. Oh, well. Also, Jon (amazingly) got the insulation half in!! I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure something would go wrong and low there was a dusty Jon blackened about the wrists (from old coal dust in the attic). His dad's helping. I was really embarrassed as the cat boxes were full to exploding and there were piles. I nearly died...I thought Jon had cleaned those up. No. So, after I muttered about it, I got it cleaned up with Jon. He's drilling a last hole to put in insulation over one more bedroom. I hope to God this helps (which it should).

The gals had a sleep over at Grandma/pa's. Their first one and I feel like I've abandoned them, or something. I miss them. Still, it's good to know they are in good hands and we can get stuff done. I still can't believe the insulation (cellulose) is in and we'll have a cozy house for once. Plus, it costs not even 1/3 to do this with 2 people. Amazing.

We'll probably do the walls if it's still cold, etc. But this is probably going to save us a lot on gas...I'm so happy. I think it took about 4 hours to do this so far. Just 4 hours. A bit of prep added to this, about 6 hours. It's funny how something like this can make you feel so much better.

Well, I hope I can get my one client to go out for a drive, this evening. I want her to see the leaves and get some fresh air. She's a bit down and I hope this will cheer her up. I'm going to tell her about my problem with SAD (the changes of season/light and depression) and tell her she has to cheer me up. I hope this helps. :)


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