Nothing like company to get you moving...

Good grief. I'm cleaning left and right and throwing out all sorts of old papers and what knots. I need to make a few trips to the Salvation army and drop stuff off. My goal is to make the house somewhat easier to move around in as I've been slacking off. It feels good to be moving about and clearing things up, albeit frustrating too.

Lydia is home today from a mild flu...we were about to leave for school and she threw up, twice. At first I thought it was from coughing but it was the real thing. Then, I had to cancel a vet trip for Mr. Nelson (standard check up/shots) and after this a trip to the market. I have to take back my statement about Martins being a bad's good if you go before noon. I don't like being around a lot of people and this makes me stressed as early morn is just the best time for me. I dropped them off at the kid spot and they had a good time and I got shopping over really quick.

I feel tired now. I wish I could take a break but that's not going to happen...As I'm typing I have two/three conversations going as the gals try to convince me to make presents for the ants. Don't ask me why.

And Mr. Nelson is barking at the neighbors every few minutes and driving me nuts. But at least I know he's protecting us, sort of.

Anyway, just the sort of day I'm having. Oh, I got some Paul Newman chocolate (espresso) and it wasn't very good. I guess I don't really like espresso. I'll have to try the other stuff.

I just wish I had finished all our Halloween costumes last month. I wouldn't be so stressed if trick-or-treat wasn't next week instead of the real night, Oct.31st. Just crazy.


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