Monday's are my weekends...

Sort of. I worked every day this weekend. Friday evening, I was successful and got my client out to "The Dream" in Hollidaysburg. She was thrilled and I could tell she was really happy. I know she was nervous about eating (she still hasn't got her dentures in) and I know The Dream resturant has a good selection for seniors. So, she was very content with halibut, apple sauce and sweet potatoes. I was glad.

Then, on Saturday I went to Bellwood and did a mass of cleaning. To my horror, I found out they have wasps in the basement! Let me just say, I was a little freaked out because it's a very low ceiling (makes my claustrophobia worse) and having a potentially aggressive bug attack me in that small space is not a good feeling. So, I avoided going down there...which meant leaving 1 load in the dryer...oh, well. It's not a travesty and I wrote about it in the journal.

Then, it was back to my other client (that's when we went out to eat. It may not seem like such a big deal but when someone is using a walker heavily and is 94 years-old, it is a big deal). Then, I had to be up early on Sunday and go to my last client for the weekend. I have to say, I'm starting to get very used to everyone's personalities. Helen, my Sunday client, is very interesting and is the political debater. She has great ideas and, a few phobias (like me and everyone, really). I also found out she is from Czylosovokia in heritage and was able to tell her about my dad being from Bulgaria. Her story was sad as she never got to know her father because he died in a war...I'm trying to find out which one but it must have been around 1914 (the year she was born). Actually, I just looked up wars and it must have been the 1st world war. Incredible. She said she was living in Czyklosovokia on a farm and her mother worked really hard as they raised cows to sell. She told me that mother cows do cry for their babies (they would have to sell the calfs for meat) and they would bring them tufts of the babies hair to calm them down. How very sad. It must have been such a hard life. She remembers WWII as well and tells me a little about how she mourned the children who were ripped from their parents to be killed. Horrible...and I try not to let her dwell on this.

The more I sit with her and talk, it's amazing to hear her stories...I should record her stories on tape.

And today is a day off filled with chores. Tomorrow should be a little better...


Anonymous said…
Wow, I had no idea she was from Europe. That's interesting! I wonder if she came over as a refugee after the war, or if she escaped Nazis before the war started. Interesting! So sad about the cows though. I didn't know they had feelings like that. I'm gonna be vegetarian again!

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