It happens...

Looks like one of my clients is in bad condition. I know this is part of the job and is inevitable but it's still painful to think someone you've worked with so closely is near death. I hope she's all right and pulls through but I know being 94 makes it a lot harder to do this. I'm feeling a bit down.

Then, I found out my friend, Caroline, can't make it this weekend...and we'll have to wait till November. Just seems like stuff happens and keeps happening to make it hard to do things and be places you feel you should be. I hate that.

Besides all this it's raining hard and it's a cold rain which means no walks as both kids have mild colds. Norrie ate too much candy yesterday and has an upset tummy. I think auntie and grandma may have snuck her one too many pieces. Good grief. Plus, the gals woke up before I did and got into the candy! Fortunately, they were pretty good (or just couldn't open the wrappers) and had two-three pieces.

Tomorrow is the baptism and we're going to do that. It will be nice to have that done as it's a tradition and a touching ceremony/symbol. I really wanted Caroline to be there, but I know it's so hard with little ones.

Being a care giver is a very emotionally draining job, I must say. Still, I'm so glad I took my client out last week. I know she was happy and that I made a difference. I know I'd feel even better if it wasn't so gloomy outside.

The good thing about thinking people are coming over is I got more stuff cleaned up and fixed up that I normally would have slacked off of. I put up the shelves in the gals room, cleaned up Lydia's room/decorated and put up the curtains and straightened up stuff. I would have liked to paint the floor...looks like I will be able to do that after all. I'd laugh but I feel sad about it all.

Anyway, I'm going to apply for a few art related jobs and see what happens. They seem very flexible with time and so, I'll go from there.

I feel sort of let down, I guess. Two blows in one eye started twitching again and I know that means I'm stressed. It really felt like I got punched or odd.

Since I have more time, I'll do more paintings and put them up on eBay. I'm going to work on another Day of the Dead doll (2 actually) and make the one I have a partner to dance with.

Other thoughts...I really wish/hope/believe (or want to) that when people die, we return to that innocent baby self that is free of language, culture, etc and is just content with the world. I hope this is part of it...or that we are reborn into something wonderfully connected...sort of like recycled back into the world. Wouldn't that be incredible if this were true? That would mean there could be a Jesus walking among us, or Gandhi or Martin Luther King...or our beloved family member reborn. It sure would explain a lot, in my book. ;)


sisu said…
Nice thought! and a comfort to think that Jesus or Gandhi is walking amongst us... I would think that being a caregiver is a very challenging job, both emotionally and physically... You're awesome... Good luck too, I hope you can land a job that's art related...


Hope you don't mind, but I'm tagging you.
Emily said…
Thank you, Karin~ Sometimes it just seems like we humans seem to do such good and such bad things, you have to wonder if we're trying to get something right in life.

I'll try the tagging out...don't know if I know 7 people to tag...but I'll give it a try. :)

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