Getting better, again...

I finally started getting over this cold/sinus infection (twice) when I'm hit by a flu bug, apparently. For a few days now, I noticed something was up...strange sensations in the tummy, feeling like my energy was off, etc. Then, today I slept after I dropped my eldest at school and then after I picked her up. I basically slept all day. I can't believe it. Plus, my youngest was having a ball making messes and nobody saying, clean it up, please.

Nelson was a bit put out; no ball throwing...but seemed to understand I was out of it. He slept close to me or was in eye range. He does that when I play the piano or guitar as well. Very sweet.

I felt so awful and thought I had something worse than a pneumonia. But I don't think it was that bad...still, it could be if you don't take care of yourself.

I was disappointed as I wanted to do some art things for swaps/finish my triptych paintings but it was not meant to be. I felt miserable. I even thought it was a migraine from cutting wood yesterday (I'm sensitive to saw dust) but it wasn't this. So, now I know that it was a flu. I just hope all my clients are all right (they're all over 90 years old!). I think I got this from the previous caretaker as I filled in for her and she was sick.

My joints are all aching as well...I was wondering why it was so hard to work on my crocheted rug. I thought I pulled some muscles in my wrist.

Anyway, I'm glad it seems to be easing up and I can actually write about it. I have had no time to even sit at the computer and write a few letters. I felt too awful. Add to this, my lingering sinus pain/ear ache and you get the idea.

On the good side, I slept a lot and will probably fall asleep after I finish up here. Jon seems to be getting a touch of something (I hope not) and oddly, the gals went to bed very early by themselves. This sounds suspicious, so tomorrow or later tonight we shall see.

I'm glad to feel better and know it was the flu and not something worse. It's amazing how much I slept as I usually don't have naps. The body knows what to do.

Also, I'm so glad 7-up was's such a good drink to have for upset tummies. I also had some Tums. So, this should keep things hydrated and calm.

Another part of being sick, is the emotional part. You really do get mood swings! Sometimes I forget this...

Tomorrow is a new day and I hope to start if feeling about 50% my old self. I'm thankful we have access to medicine and shops to get comforting drinks. Now, I hope nobody else gets sick.


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