feeling a little better...

We released some of the butterflies last night. We wanted to do it the day of John's funeral but it was too cold and rainy. Finally, it warmed up a bit and 3 managed to fly away. Oddly, two lingered on the flowers and even crawled back onto my hand. I never thought this would happen. I think they were too cold and wanted warmth. So, I put them back into the butterfly habitat and brought them back in. I don't know what that means, if anything really. I guess it's just too cold for these two. I'm glad the other 3 were warm enough. I was even able to feed the butterflies and see them sip nectar...amazing! I've seen pictures but to see it in your hands, quite awesome.

I've signed up to be part of a business/craft fair at my daughters school. So, I've been making things like mad for this as well as the art gallery. I think I have some pretty things...flower brooches, and other lovelies. I want to make a few hats for Winter and what knots. So, this is what I've been doing. It's nice because it keeps me busy and I have lots I want to accomplish.

I also got some great tips from this one group I'm a part of, EHAG, for table displays. I'm going to have a little tree on my table and lights to add interest. I hope it works and I can make a few sales. I really like this group as they're professional, fun and very informed on so many topics.

I'm a bit spaced out right now, as I worked this morning (7am to 11am). I sort of like these hours...it's only once or twice a weekend. But it does make me tired as the woman I work with keeps you jumping. Otherwise, not too bad.

I finished the triptych painting and just need to bring it down to change...thought I could do it this Sunday but it's looking like it might be Monday or later this week. I have a lot of smaller works as well, I'd like to bring.

So, all in all, things are moving along. I feel more positive and that there is closure.


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